How to rent out cards, upgrading cards and more | Splinterlands Tutorial

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This is a follow-up on the previous tutorial on Beginner's guide | Splinterlands Tutorial, if you are new and trying to figure out how to play the Splinterlands, I suggest you watch the previous tutorial where I took us through card abilities and how to set up a lineup for the battlefield with the battle ruleset.

In today's series, we looked at cards without attack ability, being unable to attack doesn't make them useless, they are as useful as the ones capable of attacking, so shared a battle about how and when to use such cards on the battlefield.

Also, I took us through the impacts summoners have on monsters.

There are Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Champion leagues in the game, I took us through the various leagues and the collection power required to play in each league.

I bought a Riftwatchers pack to demonstrate the process and how to open your packs.

@kingswill asked will the value of a card grow and what can he do with his card, so I answered that in this tutorial as well as how to rent out a card, upgrade a card, delegate, and even send out a card as a gift.

It was another series that I enjoyed taking us through, if you are new to the game and struggling with how to play, do leave a comment below, and will do my best in guiding us through the process.



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thank you so much for sharing the video, have a nice day and a great game


Thank you, Have a nice day to you as well.


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The only thing I would have probably added is how to get cards. There are marketplaces and giveaways for people who want to spend time or money.

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Thanks, man, I will be touching the marketplace next it will help the newbies.


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