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Splinterlands is a broad card game when looking at the gameplay alone without the continuous expanding tokenomics of the game that presents opportunities for earning without actively playing the game.

It wasn't easy for me to grasp the gameplay when I started, I recall hoping onto Splinterlands back then and will get out several times because it was just too much for me to grab what was going on.

Eventually, I got a hang of how to play and it has been an exciting journey so far with a game that I started out playing with $10 a little over two years ago, my deck value is currently worth $2700 in the current bear market.

Recently I've been getting questions on how to play Splinterlands so, I thought I'd make a tutorial about the gameplay with the hope those keen on playing learn a thing or two.

So here is the first of a series which I covered about card abilities, the stats of a card, and the types of Splinters (elements) we have in the game. I also touched on summoners and monsters and shared battles to demonstrate how to put out a lineup against an opponent.

Feel free to leave comments on what you would like me to cover in the game and thanks for watching.



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