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I never understood what it means to be part of a Splinterlands guild until I was invited by **clove71* 16 months ago to join Immortal Gods 6, even from the invitation I felt intimidated and unsure of what is expected of me.

Eventually, I settled in and participated in my first Brawl battles only to find out it is fun coming together as a group to fight for glory against another group. And that is all that is to Guilds.

Aside fun aspects of being a Guild member, some benefits are worth taking advantage of.

Header 4Guild Benefits

  • Merits

Merits are one of the benefits of joining a Guild and participating in Brawls, at the end of each Brawl each participant is rewarded with Merits in accordance to their finishing spot so the rewards are better if the Guild finishes top.

The Merits are used to purchase Gladius Case which is used in Brawl battles, another benefit to Gladius cards is the Collection Power adds up to one's entire deck CP. So this is an opportunity worth taking advantage of especially for players growing their deck in the lower leagues.

  • SPS

SPS rewards are another benefit of Brawl participation, similarly to Merits rewards, the SPS rewards come staked which is a benefit to earn more SPS from staking as well as more GLX tokens.

These are the benefits of joining a Guild and participating actively. And for anyone not part of a Guild, I suggested you find one and join to enjoy another side of the game.

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