Ask Leo: Should investors adopt anti clock Wise buying or not?

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Investing in the market right now involves nothing but a lot of risk, but it is a good prospect if one is willing to take the risks because to have faith that something gracious will come is the begining steps towards success.

who are the investors: These are the people who forcast the future, see the opportunity coming in the market and invest their funds in cryptocurrencies for profit, now in this period of the bear market, an investor must invest wisely because if proper care is not taken when carrying out an investigation about a crypto currency, before investing, it can be a problem as some tokens do not respond quickly to the rise in the market.


Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the anti clockwise Investment system. Is a smart clock reversal system jargon or a well-known system in the crypto space? The term anti clockwise system is jargon, it doesn't actually apply only to cryptocurrencies, but it covers a general idea.

What is anti clockwise system: This is the beginning of the end point of an event, it applies whereby a set of attributes start to be calculated from the end point instead of where they start from.

why it's important: it's important because it brings balance to everything, if the system still continues from where it started, then the endpoint will be cheated, so for balance to occur, the endpoint must be from where investing starts.

So, looking at these ideas, it is true that cryptocurrency investors should make this approach a big adopter, so the project that they was investing in last should comes first.

There is no magic in anything, investing is like a math, so one needs to vividly calculate, spend their time to know what is the best project to put in funds, so that they don't get lost.

But the truth is that experience shapes us to become experts, one does not wake up just to pocket a million dollar account, the funds are through his sweat or what he does on a daily basis.

So this anti clockwise system says that if you were turning from left to right, the next turn must be from right to left.

Thanks. see you next time.

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