Make Hive your income generator, buy the dip and HODL

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I know that this type of advice is taken by a brave person to listen, because if in the end it does not turn out as the person wants, who will be to blame? It is the one that advises you to buy the dip or yourself.

Crypto investing needs nothing more than your decision, before you buy tokens it is good to take some time to study the market and know what it is at, that is, if you can expect it to generate income to the extent you want.


Buying tokens maybe because your friends are buying is not a good thing, because they may have their target to buy, but for you it is better to ask yourself.

What is my opinion on buying these coins?

Would i be able to wait for prices to rise before selling?

Is the research I have done on these tokens good and would it guide me through bearish time to when it turns bullish?

After thinking more about these questions, I think no one would tell you not to buy the dip or leave it, but the best decision would come out of you.

Now that I think about it more, when Hive raises a topic, I see that Hive token doesn't need much decision to make other than to continue investing in it.

Because the characteristics of the hive tokens are so excellent, the hive goes up even while other tokens still hold a one point position.

A good example of this was last year, for as long as I can remember, from October to December 20th, Hive had a massive pump, which I think was the all-time pump in the market so far.

During that period, many eyes were on the hive token, the people who did not invest in it, were only had theirself to blame, because they could not make a profit, but those who invested enjoyed the massive pump.

That's why I know that hive is always a good token to make an investment because it doesn't take long to make an increase and you can trade for a bigger ratio rather than what you buy at any time.

Thanks. see you next time.

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