I Wish Hive Resource Credits Could Be Used to MINT NFTs

HIVE RESOURCE CREDITS The Hive resource credits system is probably one of the coolest things about Hive as it allows for free…

Could HBD Completely Change Hive?

The Hive Backed Dollar is a sensitive issue with many people. There is a certain percentage of the community that would prefer to…

Data Analysis - Amount of Leo burned everyday because of tax for non-native posts .

Good evening to everyone , hope you all are doing good . LeoFinance has been one of the most active community on Hive , a lot of posts…

What to do, what to do?

One of my new hobbies has been to look at the decreasing HIVE supply, which over the last week has reduced quite dramatically on the back…

HIVE/USDT Diesel Pool has been created

Hey, if you want to be able to trade your Hive for USDT... well, now you can! Go to tribaldex.com, click pools, and you have to go to…

Best Quarter in Splinterlands History!

Hey Splinterfans, here's a post for the folks who love numbers! We're through March. Q1 is in the books. Here's the numbers for…

Comment upvotes and curved downvotes

I missed something in relation to the upcoming (some time in the unknown) hardfork 25, where while it was talked about, it seems that it…

Autovoter maximizers or content patrons?

I was listening to the interview of @blocktrades by @taskmaster4450 on the brofund 3speak channel with interest yesterday, especially…

@blocktrades strikes again! DIE CONVERGENT CURVE!

Get Rid of the CONVERGENT CURVE ASAP I've always hated the convergent curve. I hated ev

How much do you selfvote?

Cub, CUB , cubs, cubs... CUBS everywhere. Every second post. I'm starting to get tired of this. Lets talk about curation for a little…

What is causing HBD to pump right now?

It keeps breaking its dollar peg. At one point it was around $1.14. Then $1.40. $1.62. It's all over the place. (Really wish LEO's…

How do I report a software bug for dex.steemleo.com?

I did a test withdrawal of one STEEMP using dex.steemleo.com's wallet page but nothing happened. Anybody else experience this or just…

Steem-Engine.com Down for Maintenance

Well, actually, the node crashed is what it seems like. We'll get it back up as soon as we can. Data is safe. May take a replay. Enjoy…