With leofinance am learning about crypto and blockchain from numerous hive users and analyst

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This might sound surprising to some hive users, but before I had step into the hive and leo finance community I had little to no knowledge about crypto and blockchain technology, the only thing I knew about crypto was how many people around kept on saying that the price of bitcoin has gotten to a very high astronomical price.


Even though my older siblings where into crypto I never for once took time to sneak a look at what they where doing, as at that period of time I was channeling all of my strength into making money from working non stop for 12 hours every day and I was still only able to save small money at the end of every month.

Now that I am in the community a huge amount of change has been made into my life. From a young man who was struggling to make ends meet to someone who can get up in the money assured that my needs for that day has already been met by hive and leo finance.

While writing this post am in no way trying to discourage any young hard working youth out there to stop or slow down from what they are doing, that would be a wrong decision if I may say. But all am trying to say is that sometimes we need to work smart as well as work hard, the two have to go hand in hand .

Although i still don't know much about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but my level of ignorance when it comes to this two have reduced drastically and I can pinpoint so many things from this platform.

The daily crypto and financial update and advice I get from many post here makes it very easy for me to blend to pressing crypto info any where I find myself.

All I want to say is thank you very much hive for offering me this opportunity aim to build a world beyond my limits and imagination

gratias #hive
gratias #leofinance

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