Thank You Hive - You Are A Lifesaver

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*Thank You Hive - You Are A Lifesaver


Hi Hivers!

It's a beautiful day and I'm excited to step into the weekend with full joy. These few days I've been inactive in the Hive platform for some certain reasons. I just concluded my industrial attachment in the tertiary institution, so I'm hoping to defend my project on Monday. Yesterday, I submitted the report which would be read by supervisors and other lecturers. This is not my point of view though, the whole stuff was financially demanding. I needed to print lots and lots of plans for my presentation, #hive saved me.

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Yay! My parents contributed a lot to make my project a success; definitely they did their best and I don't take that for granted, yet, more money was demanding. The only way I could source for help was to withdraw from my Hive wallet.

As a way of expressing my gratitude, I had to intentionally appreciate #hive in my printed report. What really got happier was that we are in a bull season and #hive isn't left behind on this. The value of Hive increased and it resulted in solving my financial problem this week. Of the truth, Hive is a lifesaver.

Screenshot_20230120194927_1.jpg Appreciation page*

This has caused more reason for me to keep engaging, promoting and investing in #hive. To my great Hivers all over the globe, I really appreciate your kind gesture in your upvotes, it has really gone a long way in saving me. More and more testimonies are coming.

For now, all I can say is:

Thank You Hive

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