Talking to University students about Leo Finance and Hive! Onboarding Thoughts

Lately I have been focusing on onboarding people to the blockchain. It takes lots of time and I realize it leaves me behind with creation…

NFT Utility Thoughts, Wax Blockchain & Writing On Leo Finance

Hello! Thanks for checking out Leo Finance. I wr

Inviting People To Hive, Engaging and Learning From Leo Community

I've started posting and interacting more on social media and here on Hive. I have seen some really fun and effective community engagement…

Leo Finance, Sharing Hopes and Fears

A story describing some of my life, motivation, fears and hopes. Thanks Leo Finance for reading this as I understand this content may…

inji.com by Timo is a really helpful platform for Hive

I just tested out posting from @inji created by @timo (on inji) @therealwolf (hive) and it is amazing. I'm posting this from inji.com to…

Decentralized Social Media Is Here, Why Make The Switch?

Hello Leo Finance and Hive Community. Here is today's video and tweet below as I talk about my experience and why I switched to…

Blockchain Games in Economics Class? Supply, Demand & Interactive Crypto Assets?

Friday afternoon Blockchain Gaming talking about the Educational Purpose of Blockchain Games like Thetan Arena. Thanks @leofinance…

Learn (Hive) Blockchain with Splinterlands & How I Create Monetized Content on Leo Finance

In today's video here in @leofinance on the Hive Blockchain I take a look at the Game Splinterlands and how gamification is making things…

Hive Blockchain - Leo Finance. Make The Shift To A Decentralized Life.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Today I share with my Leo Finance - Hive Blockchain friends some moments from my life

My Experience with Hive Blockchain (After 1 Year). Leo Finance & Why This May Be The Place For You

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Leo Finance Story: Crackdown. Ruth and Central Bank Digital Currency

Pancakes bubbled and were flipped, landing alongside a steaming coffee in a dingy place on the main street that only accepted cash. The…

A Leo Story for Hive / Leo Community. Growing Up In Sydney and How Ruth & Jay Changed (Their) Lives

SLOWING DOWN TO REST I was 16 years old and I wanted to become a Stock Broker. I spent most of my time skateboarding around the shops…

My First 3Speak Video (I'd appreciate suggestions on how to best create community specific content)

▶️ Watch on 3Speak G'day I'm Jonathan and I'm very happy to launch into Decentralized Video today! I joi

Leo Finance & Why You May Want to Join Us. An introduction to a community that is empowering content creators, investors and developers.

Some observations on roles and opportunities in blockchain. Thanks for reading my post as well as interacting with todays video. (A bunch…

Leo Finance Quora Question

Hello Leo Finance community. For those who heard about Leo Finance before joining Hive where did you hear about this community? I…

Leo Finance Vlog

Articles mentioned in my video (If you are reading this from the Hive community you may of already read these articles yet if you are…

HIVE Decentralized Social Media. 1 Minute Review: Why I Love The Communities Like Leo Finance.

Filmed this to introduce people to Hive Blockchain & Leo Finance For friends reading this after watching my video here is my referral…

Interview with Sofia, Artist Who Just Launched into NFTs

Hi Sofia, could you tell us about yourself? I’m an illustrator and character creator from Russia. Since studying in Poland, I now…

LeoFinance & Punks on Hive

Are you collecting a Punk On Hive? I was able to collect one with the sales from my @nftshowroom I placed it on sale in the hope of…

Connecting / Embedding My Website with Hive / LeoFinance Posts

Hello LeoFinance and Hive Community. Would anyone know how to embed or connect my website so that my Hive @peakd posts show up…