Connecting / Embedding My Website with Hive / LeoFinance Posts

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Hello LeoFinance and Hive Community.

Would anyone know how to embed or connect my website so that my Hive @peakd posts show up there?

Thanks for your assistance in advance and for any examples of websites doing this through wordpress.

This photo is from yesterday while out on a walk here in the Basque Country.

I wrote this poem after the walk:

"gentle strength"
the waves lift who i am today to shore
they never cease to amaze
sent from winds a far
my ancestors sailed these liquid desserts
they settled in places i may dream of tonight
my heart is carried back to early years
where golden lit afternoons held us all close
where time momentarily slowed for those of us
who were able to enjoy childhood
i dont see the future
i just see You, through the waves of time
through the Wind of your embrace
sail me near to you tonight
hold me near you
i'm here

Jonathan McCallum @jonamccallum

Also here on Hive with interviews & a variety of posts:

DecentralizedJonathan.JPG probably have the answers you’re looking for.

Check out

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Thank you so much @nathanmars I really appreciate the assistance and the support. It means a lot!


Hola Jonathan, bonitas foto y poema. Hasta pronto. Un saludo


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Would anyone know how to embed or connect my website so that my Hive @peakd posts show up there?

There are two options available:


Thanks for mentioning HiveRSS. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

People have used HiveRSS in conjunction with WordPress RSS plugins to display blog content.


Thank you!


Thanks so much!


Thank you so much and for your support!


Hello ! Today, I've released the first usable version off SuperHive.
It's a stand-alone blog engine based on HIVE.
You can find more info on the release post here :

and if you wnat to install it on your PHP server, it's open-source and available on github :


Thank you so much! Checking it out now.