by Timo is a really helpful platform for Hive

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I just tested out posting from @inji created by @timo (on inji) @therealwolf (hive) and it is amazing. I'm posting this from to my Hive feed.

Here is the first post I made on inji via my gaming/interviews account @streamjonathan :

I opted in to link this to my twitter and it posted this longer post perfectly:

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts about inji and if you have an account here.
Once again cheers to @nathanmars for connecting me here.

You can choose if you want to post your short (Tweet like) posts to your Hive feed or not!

Use Comments For Posts Options in the settings under Hive:

"When you create Hive posts, they will also be shown within your Feed on Hive. This can be unwanted for short content.

Using this option will create hive comments instead of posts."

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Welcome to the inji family!

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Thank you! Yes it is going to be good.


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