How wild has 2020-2021 been?

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A United States Senator just changed her profile picture to the Laser Eye Focused Bitcoin Meme

How crazy have the last two years been?

Well, not even last two years, It's basically just been the last 11 months.

From a 1 in a hundred year pandemic, to massive stimulus and money printing, to all the crazy political stuff to the massive surge in bitcoin.

One could argue the surge in bitcoin was just a symptom of the other problems mentioned above, which I could get on board with.

Adding to that craziness is how a United States Senator is really pushing bitcoin, this being the latest:



That's the Republican Senator from Wyoming who has quickly become bitcoin's loudest voice in Congress.

Who would have thought we'd see a US Senator actively promoting bitcoin like this?

I sure wouldn't have!

On another note, I have been talking a lot about how bitcoin is coming for gold, but actually it's going to be silver who gets goggled up first.

At this pace we may pass silver's market cap in a matter of weeks:



I actually like silver a lot more than I like gold, so don't start thinking I am bashing silver here.

Silver has major industrial use cases while gold as very few.

There is a lot more store of value premium priced in gold currently compared with silver.

I don't think silver is going lower, like gold will, but I do think silver is also going to under perform bitcoin as well, just not as much.

Who would have thought at the start of 2020 that we'd have US Senators promoting bitcoin, a once in a century pandemic changing the world, and bitcoin eating up silver and gold?

I sure wouldn't have!

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