Is anybody out there watching Ethereum? It's pulling up LEO!

7 days ago
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It's all systems go for the Ethereum!

I don't hold a ton of Ethereum, but I do have some.

Not sure if people out there are paying attention but it broke through that $500 resistance level like a hot knife through butter.

The chart looks like it has flipped and it's all systems go to much higher numbers.




This is great if you are an ether hodler, but here's the best part......

What's good for Ethereum is also good for LEO.

LEO is priced in terms of Ethereum on Uniswap and wLEO.

That means that if Ethereum goes up it's going to pull up the price of LEO as well.

Previously LEO was priced in terms of HIVE on hive-engine, but getting it listed on Uniswap was a game changer in that regard.

And it looks like ether may be going a lot higher:



If Ether goes to new all time highs, can you imagine what the price of LEO will be?

Go Ethereum and Go LEO!

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