Parler has been cancelled but no Bitcoin is not next

10 days ago
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Bitcoin is an entirely different animal

Parler has been hit hard by major tech companies, this is causing some to speculate that bitcoin could be targeted next.

I'm here to tell you, no friggin way.

First of all Parler is a standalone website, if Amazon wants to refuse its servers and Google and Apple want to remove the app from their app store, so be it.

That is technically their choice as private companies.

Lets be clear that I don't agree with it because it is a slippery slope that has likely opened up a whole can of worms that I don't think these companies anticipated, but who knows maybe it benefits decentralized companies/blockchains.

Bitcoin runs on a decentralized public blockchain, so these two are night and day, but now that we have that part out of the way.

The idea is that they could target bitcoin companies that scammers or terrorists who whoever else might use that they don't like.

My response to this is that, do you know where the biggest bitcoin scams take place?

They take place on twitter.

For all its greatness they still haven't figured out a good way to deal with fake accounts impersonating real accounts and pretending to give away bitcoin (if you send them some first of course).

So, if they are going to ban companies that using bitcoin for nefarious purposes, the first company/site they need to ban is theirself (new word alert).

Twitter isn't going to ban itself from itself, it's just too weird.



The other important reason why they won't is because their CEO is a big fan.

Jack Dorsey has on a number of occasions said that he hopes that bitcoin will become the currency of the internet, if it isn't already.

He loves how it isn't controlled by governments or single entities.

It's a currency for the people, by the people.

For these reasons I think any fear surrounding big tech targeting bitcoin companies next is likely just some FUD.

And you know what to do with FUD right?

You buy the FUD and sell the euphoria, that or just stick the FUD where the sun don't shine, your choice. :)

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