It's Time To Practice What I Preach

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My partner and I have been bringing our businesses to the blockchain for years now. We're both huge fans of this technology and believe so much in not only the tech behind it all...But the community as well.

It's been a no brainer for us!

And part of what we teach within our training at ClickTrackProfit is to start using the tools on the blockchain, for a lot of your branding and content marketing strategies;

  • Don't use YouTube as much (if at all) and use @threespeak

  • Stop giving Medium all the attention, start blogging on any of the Hive front ends.

  • Instagram is cute, but why not try Dapplr instead

And so far, I have been living by this switch. I've taken the majority of my social media accounts and used them for promoting things that we're using on Hive...Or even replacing them completely with the blockchain version of the tool I use daily.

Along with all the posting and content that goes out from yours truly, we also host 2 live streams each and every week...

Crypto Mondays and Thursday Night Live

In these live sessions, we attract a lot of our community members to stop by and learn about different topics...From the blockchain to building online businesses and everything in between.

And guess where we stream....

Facebook and Twitter!

And this week, we decided to change things up going forward!

We're going to be making a big push to get our community to tune into our streams on @vimm


Here's a project that seems to fly under the radar on Hive that is truly a remarkable experience.

When DLive took the money and ran back on the old blockchain, Vimm stayed loyal as heck to this community and continued to develop their project. They have built a fantastic live streaming application right here on Hive!

Oo why the HECK don't I start practicing what I preach??

It's time to become a product of our product and USE these tools rather than rely on the traditional social media options out there.

Now that doesn't mean we aren't streaming on Facebook and Twitter anymore. I'm not an idiot, I do know our greatest pull will be from those platforms...

But last night we had 10 live viewers on our stream on @vimm and that was a spur of the moment test to try it out :)

Everyone that came by, said it was a better experience than Facebook....So going forward, we will be promoting our streams to go live on Vimm and encouraging everyone still on Twitter and Facebook, to jump on board!

The CTP community has been embracing everything Hive has to offer, and they are excited to try new things out! Plus we feel this is a much more attractive platform to build our live shows on going forward!

So enough of the traditional platforms, it's time to bring entrepreneurs over to another amazing platform right here on Hive!

Hope you guys can stop by on Monday and Thursday nights at 8pm eastern :)


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