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I like my little bubble...

I spend the majority of my day on Hive, LeoFinance, Splintertalk and of course within the CTP community. They are some great places to be in. I get exposed to a variety of opinions, content and fantastic articles across a wide spectrum of topics...

As I said...I like my little bubble!

But then I drift....

And start poking around traditional social media specifically 'Crypto Twitter'. I still feel this medium has a ton of value and it helps to keep me up to date with a few of my major passions in life....The Buffalo Bills and of course, crypto!

One of the more amusing aspects of hanging around 'Crypto Twitter' is seeing two groups of people, and this will be my rants of the week for your reading enjoyment.

Rant # 1

These media companies and social influencers that claim to be the voice of blockchain tech and the crypto currency revolution start whining when they get their accounts shut down on traditional social media.

Case in point, yesterday's example from 'Bitcoin Magazine'...


What a clown show...

Here's Bitcoin Magazine, one of the first ever publications in the space, continuing to use and rely on traditional social media. Their YouTube daddy decided to pull the plug for whatever reason and they start complaining about it on Twitter.

Of course, I decided to point out to these amazing leaders in the blockchain space that they....Continue to ignore social media actually built...Gasp...On the blockchains!

I got a few likes from the response but generally, I'm sure it will be ignored and they will continue to 'promote' crypto on Web 2. Which leads me to my next rant....

Rant # 2


I have a hard time understanding their logic on many topics specifically calling every other blockchain project a scam while making Bitcoin the solution for everything.

And it's not limited to the Bitcoin Maxis either. Take your pick and you'll find a group of people that refuse to look into any other project other than the one they are the most invested into.

I mean I get it, I'm a raving fan boy of Hive. But I won't stick up my nose at a crypto project that looks promising just because I don't have 'stacks' in it...

Which combines my 2 rants in this point:

A lot of the big name BTC maxis out there seem to either ignore, look past or downright hate on Hive.

Hive to me, is the perfect solution for a lot of what they claim they want to build...Web 3, social media on the blockchain...Meanwhile here we are, years DEEP into actually using this stuff every single day and crickets from the 'influencers'...

Are we still 'under the radar'?

What will it take to snap these people out of their trance and have them take a look at the amazing development that is taking place here?

I dunno....

It's frustrating. But one thing is for sure, until I'm kicked off Twitter, I'll still highlight the fact at every opportunity I can, how hypocritical they are when 'Big Brother' shuts them down....


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