#MyHiveGoals - Big Picture Thinking!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

There's a lot going on in the world...

Covid, wars, inflation...And of course crypto! Each seems to be a big part in how this year is playing out. And I admit, a lot of it is way above my pay grade. Not that I'm ignorant to what's going on, I just know it's a big club..And we're not in it (to quote the late great George Carlin).

So how do I operate in this new world? The madness that is planet earth? I believe, a blockchain like Hive will play a big part in changing humanity for the better.

This is why I am so passionate about this place, because of what it represents. The best of humanity, a truly decentralized blockchain that can help so many people across so many countries, industries and niches.

That's what Hive means to me. And all the projects that are being built here. It's why I love looking back after the past 7 days and seeing how my journey has gone...And how much further we can grow!

What about you?

Do you have a big 'reason why' you are on Hive?

Does writing out your goals help you on your journey?

And where do you see this blockchain in 5 years from now...?

If you answer those questions, I'm pretty sure...You'll be as fired up as I am to keep accumulating every week!

Let's see how we did...

150,000 Hive Power


This wasn't a moonshot, but dang...That account growth looks great huh?

150,000 - 121,305.54 = 28,694.46 left to go

At current rate, I'll need 699.86 Hive per week to reach my goal. And I'm doing about half that...

So, while 150k might be out of reach by January 1st, I'll keep trucking and moving forward.

30,000 LEO, 1,000,000 SPT & 100,000 ONEUP


The PolyCub addiction is in full swing, but I tried to slow down and actually stake a big chunk of my LEO this week...

30,000 - 25,366.97 = 4,633.03 left to go

Not the big bump we're used to but just over 4600 LEO left to go :)


I've been a little concerned about Splinterlands as a whole going forward. The approach to how they are handling the Waka 're-sale' leaves me scratching my head but regardless...This is still the premier play 2 earn game on any blockchain and I'm still in love with the project.

1,000,000 - 617,396 = 382,604 left to go

No matter what happened with Waka, I stacked up quite a bit of SPT this week ;)


The excitement around the ONEUP tribe is at a fever pitch and the hype surrounding ChiFi Bots is helping that as well!

100,000 - 68,750.13 = 31,249.87 left to go

Still stacking this token and spending a lot of time on upvoting as much content as I can :)

Dollar Cost Average Into Hive Engine Projects

The weekly stacking of some income tokens is up next...


And after this week's buys I'm at....

11,525 @he-index

Passive income :)

Ain't nothing wrong with that!!!

100 Hive Per Day In Rewards

Last week was insane! Let's see how we did over the past 7 days...

39.11 Rewards from Creating
12.61 Rewards from Curating
14 Rewards from Misc.

Total rewards = 65.72 per day

A big drop from last week, but regardless...65.72 juicy Hive tokens a day. I'll never complain :)


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I’m going to get back to writing my goals out on here. Thanks for the reminder and good job in your progress.


Looking forward to it man! And thanks for the day one support sir!


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I think it's pretty cool how many things people on Hive have access to now and a social gather to discuss.

Hive, Leo, CUB, Splinterlands, soon SPK, and many other promising young projects that can still mature.

It's pretty fantastic.

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Don't feel like we're walking on egg shells here either. You are right....This place is fantastic for sure!


I don't usually write out my goals, but that doesn't mean I'm not focusing on them :) Keep on going, that's a massive amount of Hive 🙌


Try it out, it works wonders :)


I might when I have time :) ... Not sure if anyone would be interested in reading them though 😂



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You're doing great mate! I see you're getting closer to your targets which is wonderful. Keep putting in all that hard work and you'll meet your goals

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Thank you sir, slow and steady!

1 yr (edited)

I have already posted my goals (hive dreams) for this year and it does help for sure


Indeed it does!


It is pretty awesome and encouraging for others to learn and achieve goals like this and I believe someday I would also share my hive goals in a positive note. Thanks for sharing.


No better day than today :)


I keep putting off making these lol! Mostly because I don't know what exactly it is I want.

But I really like how detailed your goals are rather than just "I want to have 3K Hive by November" or something along those lines.


Yeah and I mean, even if I don't hit them...I'm still growing those bags. That's the mission!


My goal is to get to 45k HP before the end of the year. I'm currently at 35K and I still think this is achievable. I like how you spread out your goals in writing. I think it helps you to sometimes Understand what you're building. Even if you don't unlock 150k before January. I still think you've pushed yourself to an unbelieavable extent.


Yeah man, I mean that's the big win no matter what. I'll be much more ahead than I am right now!


This is great. You achieved a high level of commitment and standard. Wow 100 hives per day, so focused achieving your goals !


Yeah, we've gotten close a few times...But it's still a dream lol


You're doing a great job on your goals. It's like trying to accomplish some Hive Dreams and making everything work. The world is so crazy so it doesn't hurt to dream a little bit.

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Agreed! And we might as well...Dream big! Thanks for the engagement!


It's always awesome to read your updates and see how you're moving up there, it's very motivational. Keep it up, you'll smash those targets in no time.


Appreciated :) Thanks for stopping by!


Great portfolio assets and amazing goals. The road to reaching them is to be consistent and have our eyes open to the ecosystem and opportunities that present themselves. A lot of ways of earning so we better make use of those!

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It's so true, there is so much happening here and the potential truly is remarkable.


I am sure you will get there! Big up all you do.


Appreciate ya! And your gifs!! Been sharing them on Facebook today ;)


Fantastic and inspiring journey in Hive yours. You're right the world is crazy but it would be crazier to be aware of things you can't control.


@jongolson! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @yeckingo1. (2/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.


That's what I love about Hive. We control our own destiny here!


That's a ton of worker bees! Out here crushing it! My LEO seemed to slow down a good amount as well and I'm a bit unsure why on that front. However I've been kicking in some new goals lately such as OneUp that you're focused on as well and of course ListNerds is paying out pretty freakin sweet! Keep crushing it I have a good feeling you'll be hitting all of these goals this summer and not end of year.

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One of the better decisions I made last year, diving into workerbee. But I'm nothing compared to Blain's stash LOL


You could most likely run a thousand other tokens if you wanted lol


Dude that's why I salute you...I have trouble figuring out like 5 projects on here lol You are deep into other blockchains and projects and understand them.

I'm just sitting here with my Hive bags lol


It's a challenge and it's only getting harder!! I aped in on a few new games like MuTerra FOMO be real plus I want to support hive projects


Nice post, Jon. Great job on climbing to your goals. Looks like your years of "showing up daily" are paying off.🙂