#MyHiveGoals - New SPS Goals!

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Updated! #MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

The awesome aspect of focusing all my crypto endeavors on this blockchain is....

There is a ton of potential everywhere you look!

Pick a passion...And you can find some way to be rewarded for it on chain.

It's no secret, I have 3 big passions that have found a home here on Hive.

First is, building my business on the blockchain. Online business has been my career for over 20 years now and it's so exciting to see it blossom and continue to grow here.

Second is...The blockchain and crypto! I've been messing with this stuff for almost a decade now but nothing has come close to what I use each and every day on Hive.

And finally...

Splinterlands lol

Who would have thunk it? Me...In love with a strategy card game! But I am...So going forward, I want to emphasize a new goal I have in the game and for my journey on the blockchain.

I'll add it to me dollar cost averaging section, but the game plan is to accumulate more 'shares' of 2 pools via TribalDex.

  1. The VOUCHER:SWAP.HIVE Pool which rewards in daily SPS token.

  2. The SPS:SWAP.HIVE Pool which also rewards in daily SPS token.

I will add to each pool only after I hit 100 staked SPS from within the game, so that will also grow. I'll transfer the VOUCHER as well, and stash it in the pool each week.

Splinterlands-Collect-Trade-Battle- (1).png

After I add 100 SPS, I'll take the remaining SPS and add to the SPS pool. Seems complicated right? It's crazy simple once you do it a few times...

Super easy DeFi....Hive Engine style :)

My starting count on both pools last week were 300 shares in the SPS pool and 24 in the VOUCHER pool. We'll start tracking this grow each week in the reports!

Let's dive in....

150,000 Hive Power


A fantastic week on the chain!

150,000 - 101,324.67 = 48,675.33 left to go

I did miss a day of creating last week because of my trip to the hospital, so I think my daily rewards will go down. However this is so cool to see this chart go up and up!

40,000 LEO & 1,000,000 SPT


Something tells me, stacking LEO will turn out to be a very wise decision down the road ;)

40,000 - 33,037.25 = 6,962.75 left to go

Under 7k left to go...Let's keep on keeping on!


Still stacking SPT even with my new goals to add more SPS...

1,000,000 - 863,617.3 = 136,382.70 left to go

Getting really close to my goal of 1 million SPT. I should be able to hit in within a month or so...

Dollar Cost Average Into Hive Engine Projects

Not huge growth on the regular projects but I did add to the SPS goals...

36.910 SPS/SWAP.HIVE (shares in pool)
15.616 VOUCHER/SWAP.HIVE (shares in pool)

And after this week's buys I'm at....

12,190 @he-index

So my big bets for the future...SPS, INDEX and WORKERBEE (Hive Engine) are taking shape...Just need to keep stacking, no matter what!

100 Hive / Day Rewards

We'll see how we did over the past 7 days, I think it might be lower because of the missed day of rewards but who knows lol

34.05 Rewards from Creating
12.92 Rewards from Curating
14 Rewards from Misc.

Total rewards = 60.97 per day


That is actually quite surprising, and I'm pretty happy to see that. It'll be interesting to see what the numbers are like next week, with a full 7 days of creating...


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60 hive a day is sizeable! I think I push about 40 a day myself.
SPS for sure is one of the high priority ones for me and honestly I'm loving the passive income from some of these new sources. I think we are in for some big amazing things the next two quarters of 2022 and early 2023


I just have this gut feeling man, maybe it's because I'm emotionally invested here LOL But things just seem to be lining up...For everything on Hive, from Leo to Splinterlands!



Same I can understand why the values of Splinterlands came down and it does feel like a little bit of a punch in the gut. However when you compare the assets to the rest of the crypto market Splinterland assets actully lost the least amount of value. That in itself is what's making me very bullish on SPS and anything Splinterlands for when the next rally comes.


For sure. It's just setting up for something huge, right when the rally comes. Just like before, the best time to stack this stuff is when everyone is looking elsewhere.


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I just added to swap hive sps pool yesterday. Awesome to see 3 sps ready for me to claim tonight.



Yeah man, I mean it's not the air drop...But it sure does add up quickly.



I really love how the chart looks! It just shows how consistent you are! May you be able to reach your goals soon!



The 150k is a ways away still, but the other ones are getting close :)



Awesome goals and achievement keep up the good work.


Appreciated, thanks for stopping by!



It's a pleasure


I took some of my VOUCHERs and threw them into the SWAP.HIVE pool but I am just unsure how things will go. At the current APRs, I think I might just leave it there and just sell the rewards that I get daily as a way to avoid the IL or price changes.

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It's never a loss...If you love both tokens in a pool :)



Yay! 🤗
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It seems like your distribution of the Hive rewards and the tokens in rewards are pretty high. Your hard work on the chain is now paying off. Despite powering down you are getting back on track pretty quickly. Hope your health is doing good. Take care!


Yeah and I'm sure I'll need another round or two of power downs...But the best thing about Hive is...You just keep showing up and good things happen



Your progress is incredible and as always inspiring. Doing 60 Hive a day is fantastic. It is curious to see how Misc begins to gain strength, perhaps one day it will be the one that contributes the most.
Many congratulations for the fantastic work.


Yeah it doesn't grow much, but it's steady. And that's all you can ask for, when it comes to delegation projects!



Those are some great goals and taking advantage of the LPs seems a no-brainer!!



They are quite rewarding right now!