RE: #MyHiveGoals - The Markets...Make 0 Sense!

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Yup, for sure.. is a front end for the LEO token and community.

You can learn all about it here:

We also did a short tutorial about it in

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Awesome! Thank you.


I've been watching the hive guide videos. Pretty cool.

When I got to the end of Module 1, Lesson 1 there is a link to join Hive but it never actually lets me 'complete' the lesson. So it doesn't open the next lesson. Not sure if I am missing something there or if that is a bug of some kind.

I F12 edited the disabled button on the next video and continued anyway, so I'm on Module 2, Lesson 2 at this point. Just thought I'd mention that oddity before I call it a night.

Thanks again for the awesome resources!