The Mission

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There's a quote from @theycallmedan that I think about quite often. I've written about it before and constantly bring it up on the 'Maniacs podcast. And it's what I wanted to discuss again on today's post...

"Every token starts out centralized, it's what you do after it's launched that matters..."

Now that's not verbatim but the idea is pretty straight forward. Even 'Satoshi' held a centralized coin when he / she / they launched Bitcoin. But what happened next, turned it into the decentralized behemoth that it is now. It was distributed to the miners and kept getting spread out, each and every block.

That's why a lot of us believe in Hive so much. Sure, there are some super early adopters that have huge stake, but at the end of the day, the token is being distributed each and every day through the rewards pool and curation efforts of the members here.

Now I wanna bring this closer to home...


This is the CTP Token. It's the community token for the CTP Swarm which is our little tribe on layer 2. It's been around since 'Steem Engine' days and it fit perfectly with our dreams to build on this blockchain.

CTP flies under the radar most of the time. In fact, there are people that I meet almost daily on chain that have never even heard of our project and are blown away that there is a tribe that focuses on marketing, online business and entrepreneurship.

*Welp, Jongo...Maybe you suck at this marketing!!!!

Maybe...But the point is, this thing was as centralized as it comes when we launched it. We were the only token holders of it....

But our desire was to always create something of massive value on chain, even if it took years to do it. And in the world of Hive Engine, if it's not green candles and de-fi pools, people tend to lose interest quickly.

So we did what we could and that came in the form of adding use cases to the token....

From ListNerds to the CTPtalk front end, the CTP Tipping bot to HivePay and most recently....CTPX

...We've tried to find ways to add more value to the token with one goal...Or maybe a mission in mind.

To distribute it as much as we could!*

Take for example what we're building with CTPX....


The 'hook' with CTPX is not only can you discover and xplore amazing content from around the blockchain and around the web...You can be rewarded in CTP Tokens for doing so.

In fact, along with CTPX buying the token off the market, I've been doing quite a bit of it myself...


I really want more people in the Hive community to hold this token. And after they get it, if they want to sell it, that's fine. What's important for me is that I'm doing everything I can to spread it all over the place.

This goes back again to what Dan mentioned a few months ago that really stuck with me....

Distribution of our token is one of my primary missions here on Hive. Sure I want people to check out the projects we have and learn about everything we're building, but at the end of the day...I don't want to be the number 1 token holder of CTP.

I want the community to own it. I guarantee you this if you hold CTP...We'll keep finding ways to add use case to the token. Drive value to it and distribute it every chance we get to!

And this ends the shameless self promotion of the CTP Token, thanks for reading :)