Hive: Creating Borderless E-Commercial Opportunities Where People Are Tokenized & Monetized

Source Unemployment: Creating The Right Platform Unemp

Buying Education; Missing Out On Knowledge (Ignoring The internet As An Important Learning Tool)

As seconds, minutes, hours or years goes by, we often come to disagree with what we use to previously agree on or about and this is to…

Lending Schemes & Post Paid Services: Quickest Ways To Becoming A Debt Slave? 

Source Post paid public services tends to ensnare people in being in

Bringing "Your Hustle" To A Competitive Match.

Hustle is the ability to push beyond usuality. This

What Would I Do With One million Hive?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak So I decided to join in *[on this contest](

FG's Twitter Ban: Another Failed Attempt At Censorship?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The intent of the Nigerian government was aimed at controlling free speech and limiting t

Some Virtual Marketing Phenomenon & Selling A Product On Twitter

The Mistake Of Selling To Emotionally Appeal There's a set of people on Twitter that sells the "hype". Th

The Impact Of Utility Bills On Personal Finance (Nigeria As A Case Study) 

In my personal finance journey so far, I've discovered utilities bills irrespective of how minor they look are often

How Crypto's Evolution Would Seamlessly Translate Into People's Real-time Use Cases

The Alt Revolution The evolution and advancement of crypto has been totally immense, when you take a look, es

Na Who Give Up, F'Up (My Fourth Year Anniversary)

I know the above phrase in my title seems strange, quite unlike me, but the phrase, a Nigerian pidgin English slang "Na Who

How Not To Be A Bad Content Creator.

Knowing When You Began I've been writing since 2011, so let no one tell you that content creating is easy. If you take a look at som

Personal Ways Of Discovering How To increase Your Crypto Liquidity

Weighing The Options A lot of people feels that their current money problems is actually the biggest and most important that they need…

One Of The Wrongest Ways To Become A Millionaire

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Owning, taking charge and making decisions concerning money comes with a lot of disciplin

47th LeoFinance 🐯 curation digest

@HODLCommunity presents to you the 39th LeoFinance Curation Post We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most im

The Deal With Trend Coins & Reasons Why Your LEOs Are Worth More Than It's $$$ Valuation

The Issue With Trend coins I've tried to dissociate myself from trend coins because I'm probably a bad judge of characte

The Psychology Of Criminal Tendencies: Who Takes The Blame?

Source *[After I wrote this post yesterday,](

Money & Specifications; Spending On A Piece Of Tech Purposefully. 

Purpose For Buying The Tech Let's face it, people have so many reasons as to why they buy a phone, it's always to satisfy a particular…

The Discord Between "Hardwork" & "Hard Work": The Level Of Mastery Put Into Selling Scams

Hardwork: The Contradiction Of Meaning Someone asked me to define "hard work" and my answer was that it just any "thing", ** "legal"**…

How Diversity Are People Reacting To The Sudden Hive Moon?

So hive has basically hit the $1 mark and inasmuch as it brings a lot of excitement, a lot of people are actually undecided as to what…

Money & Financial Freedom; Different Viewpoints?

Diverse Wealth Standpoint It's very popular of people in this part of the world to show how wealthy they are with the type of car they…