Inferior, Normal & Luxury Goods: A Consumer's State Of Finance?

Mostly, the expenditures or the spending habit of people is mostly a direct reflection of their earning or income. In Nigeria for example…

Non-monetary & Valuable Relationship:Is Money Your end-game?

Non-monetary relationships are one of many secrets to long-lasting success. This kind of relationships are not built for the end goal…

How Dynamic Is Your Voting Behavior?

So I got this notification today by @hive.buzz to remind me that I've given 65000 upvotes in approximately 53 months of being on the…

The Folly Of Attaching Expendability To Crypto

Once it's the crypto dips, people begin to weigh their options, this is probably looking for where the pasture is greener in order to…

Mental Accounting: A Critic Into Your Preferences

Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the fungibility of money and this is often caused by the fact that sometimes we often place money made to…

The Importance Of Hive In Bearish Situations

One of the best aspect of hive is consolidation and validation, especially when it's the bear or bull season. For the past two…

Social PR and Stability: An Aspect To Sustenance, That Must Not Be Lost?

Gaming was something I set out to do well in 2022 and after reading this post by @nonsowrites I felt like I was the only one who had…

Understanding The Dynamics Of Engagement & Interaction; Selling The "Rewards" Illusion

I used to work as a literature teacher back in the days earning about $30 a month. I had the content, but it was difficult to engage it to…

Africa's Wealthiest: Thriving In Monopoly?

In Africa, some of the most celebrated people are wealthy people, the ones that make Forbes lists as some of the wealthiest. They make the…

Finally, A Legendary; Buying & HODLing 110 Packs. (The Player's Dilemma)

Packs: Pre & Post Buying Before the general sales , I decided to open the two packs I have left, and I got a collection of

Hive: An Improvement Beyond Financial Ramification?

There are things I would personally be grateful to hive for and this is growth in all ramification of life. One thing is, finance is…

The Illusion Of Wealth That Comes With Crypto

One of the reason behind verbal bullying when it comes to diverse people is the illusion of wealth and invincibility that comes with…

The Opportunity, Degree & Connection

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello there guys, today I talked about the prevalent economic concerns in the Nigerian so

The Aspects Of Curation You Probably Don't About

Curation is one aspect of the chain I love despite the fact that it can be tasking. However, there's no manner of Impeccability to one's…

Analyzing The Sociocultural Pressure To Spend Unwisely During A Season Of Festivity

During the Christmas, I went out with a few friends and surprisingly the things that used to be cheap from January to October increased in…

The Reasons Why Your Intentions Towards Crypto Aren't Sustainable.

Everyone is still busy figuring out their Financial resolutions for the new year, many wants to be frugal, a few others wish to own more…

The Wrong Notions Towards Spending, Saving & Savings

Image: Owned, taken by me When I was younger, I discovered that I saved more despite earning less, while a few others who were…

The Harmony Of The Most Potent & Efficient Splinters + Buying Packs.

After the release of the new cards, the earth and death splinters have come to be my new favorite. Before the release

The Economic Effect Of Secession

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Secessionists often deem their movement to be taking control away from governme


▶️ Watch on 3Speak First, I have to tell you that this video is 🔥🔥🔥 and would worth every bit of your