The Psychological Reasons Why You May Never Attain Financial Satisfaction.

Source Someone said there's a difference between being contented and satisfied, but

Financial Responsibility & Economic Frugality; Why Do A Lot Of People Synonymise Them?

Source A lot of people equate a spiritual phenomenon to money, they say

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Social Media & Crypto; Why So Much Negative Feedback?

In most corrupt countries where the government are making ill d

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The Most Important Reason Why You Should Strive To Attain Adjustability

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The Toothlessness Of Social Media & Why It Cannot Tackle Corruption Government In Nigeria (3Speak)

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this video, I talk about Nigeria and how they've been turning to the social media

The Pressure To Become "Rich"; Social Media Lessons 101

Source *[In this post here](

Breaking The Pattern; Paying More Attention To Most Important Things In Life.

Source Introduction Legends taught of men

Angel Investing: A Grease In The Wheel Of Change?

Source When i was about 14, i started sketching footballers, i was understudying artists who could actually sketch really good…

The Psychology Of Repetitiveness: How Brainless Are We As "Brain-Full" People? (POB WOTW)

Via Bitmoji Some two years back there was thi

Adjusting To Scarcity: Being Comfotable With Poverty, Lack & Want

Source When the economy is bad in totality it makes people adjust to scarcity so well and it becomes difficult to see opportui

The Virtual Collateral; Seeing More Utility To Your Hive Stake.

Owned by me One thing I've discovered is to never make excuses for my financial decisions especially if I feel they haven't…

The “3rd World”s role on Hive.

Should we be worried about too many users cashing out Hive in order to supplement their income? *(First of all, I have to apologize to…

Twitter: The Prospective Economic Repercussions Of Social Media Shutdown In Nigerian?

Source True power freedom is not really when people speak, it is when they express the cont

Time & Gains Plus Losses; Haven't You Learnt Anything About Hive & Crypto In General?

Via Bitmoji If there's something I've learnt being on this blockchain, it's that you never actually lose out until you make rash…

The Intrinsicality Of Personal Insurance; In Retrospect.

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Having Money, Being Rich Or Wealthy; Do You Still Have The Fear Of Financial Repercussions?

Via Bitmoji Make no mistake, money gets things done and even if you can't buy health with money. There's a psycological wellness…

Time, Money, The Lessons & Experiences; Total Failure Or Partial Sucess?

Source When an Investment choice or decision goes bad, time and money is lost but a lot of people would actua