A Real Estate Experience: Money Problems You Should Be Aware Of

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The Estate I live in came at a very expensive rate, but after everything, I tend to think that what I majorly tried to pay for was some quiet, scenic environment for vlogging and constant electricity.

I ended up not getting constant electricity which was the most important thing on the list, I was misled by the Real estate agent in charge to thinking that the property had constant electricity, meanwhile, he was just an overzealous human being who could even market his wife as a virgin in other to make money.

This is how some of these agents are. What they do is polish their ability to be convincing rather than take on better properties that can maintain quality clientship.

Referrals: The Real Money

Some of them fail to understand that what makes you rich in a business like Real estate is continuous patronization from referrals, especially from clients who have enjoyed satisfaction from the services they enjoyed, but no.

The Real estate agents in Nigeria have established themselves as being able to package shit and sell it as a rare gem, it's a beautiful skill, but very negative in terms of productivity and quality.

Although I should have done better, then I was trying to save the rent money from plummeting into the pangs of inflation, the second reason was that the money was meant for rent, emergencies arise on a daily, this is why it's bad to have money lying around while procrastinating.

Money: The Art Of Decision-making

Some people form the habit, of keeping money in their bank account, while planning something big to do with that money.
These people forget that in life you'll need to be a quick decision maker in other to stop unforeseen circumstances and emergencies from eating up your life funds.

Your life funds are the money that you need to become financially established, but this money can easily become useless especially when people find it difficult to make quicker decisions to protect their money, it's a race against inflation.

So, this was mostly the reason why I was quicker with taking a house after spending two months with different agents.


However, I ended up choosing a great property that lacked the final and most essential ingredients, nevertheless, if I had had that money on me when my mother died, I'll have never gotten a house, because I'll have to draw a scale of preference with spending to take care of an emergency situation or renting a place in the advancement of my life.

In reality, it's impossible to make choices that would have a 100% advantage, unless there's enough money. Sometimes, we forgo something, to achieve another, it's classic life. It's difficult to eat one's cake and have it

Needs, Wants & Reality

This is why we mostly try to tailor our needs to match our reality. This simply means that we don't need to tap from external sources to teach ourselves the fundamentals of personal finance.

I believe our growth can be tethered to our experiences if only we show the right awareness. There's no delight in making mistakes, but sometimes, we make financial mistakes to avoid bigger situations that might be difficult to mitigate.

When we become aware of the lessons we have learned, it makes it easier to see our life as motivation. You're the content, study yourself.

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Maybe you make a quick decision too quickly before choosing your property. Electricity is the most vital piece for you as an online content creator. Maybe is about time to leave where you are and find a better gem for your own need.


Maybe is about time to leave where you are and find a better gem for your own need.

Hahaha, this wouldn't be possible anymore and this is because I would have to spend the time I paid for as the money might not be refundable, I'll do my best to be careful next time

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I slept like a baby last night.
I woke every two hours and cried.

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Honestly I sincerely agree with you on this and aside that too having an environment that has a very solid security is vital too, but the light part of it is definitely the best


It is now i understand the true meaning of preference and needs. I used to wonder why certain situations arise when i have money. Now I see that indecision is what happens when i have money. I fail to act and thereby leaving myself open to unforseen circumstances.


Hahaha the reality is that when there's money automatically needs will arise and this is because it's psychological that the need will arise. This is because there are some needs that will only become compulsory because money has become the purchasing power to activate it.


See why I like you? 😂... Psychologist! Abeg come and teach me small 😆


Say no more, I got you biiiiiigggggggggg time. 😂😂😂😂


Most of those agents who call themselves Realtors are just there to benefit themselves and fill their pockets instead them to see you as a client/customer whom they deem to satify first before themselves. It's really disgusting and annoying when what they fed you with is not actually what it is after you've moved in.

Well, they forgot that such a person(client) would not wanna do business with them anymore nor refer someone else for them. Anyway, there good ones out there sha.


The one I finished dealing with is one crazy man like that. He didn't even ask if we're okay and everything he promised us about the house has been total lies, it's absolutely crazy, well I guess because people are constantly looking for houses to let, it's easier to actually scam people as they don't care about referrals. They make more money scamming people.

5 mo (edited)

That's bad. I think they need orientations. Most of them don't even get proper knowledge of how it works but just hop in.


Some real estate agents don't understand the power of referral because the client will never forget your service.

We grow we learn and from our personal experience we can always

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Well, I think the reason why they don't even do so is because in places like Lagos, people are constantly looking for houses, so it's easier to decieve people, make money off then and head onto the next victim. There are always prey because of the demand.


Oh these real estate agents are like lawyers in some respect to lying. Do you know the worst of them all? -- The land sellers, oh these are senior team lead for normal house agents. I think if you had asked someone in that area about what you wanted you would have gotten that agent's lies.

Well, like my mum says Money be like amadioha (a spirit). It attracts different things to you. So to be wise, when you lay hold of some money, utilize it immediately!