Buying Education; Missing Out On Knowledge (Ignoring The internet As An Important Learning Tool)

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As seconds, minutes, hours or years goes by, we often come to disagree with what we use to previously agree on or about and this is to show that time, development, growth and the improvement of science and technology often changes, adds, or make better what we have come to agree on.

The human race has come to be sophisticatedly inclined, this means that we're changing our dispositions, the knowledge we have come to garner from the previous generations will be recycled and repackaged, then our own assertions would be added, this means that filtering will happen and hence we will come to rubbish some of these knowledge that we inherited by default or by birth while stamping what we believe to be true, factual, provable or empirical as the new knowledge.

Overtime, the assertions of the human race about things like racism, human rights, sexual expressions or racial superiority/inferiority has come to be different.

Transacting Knowledge

This is because experience and exposure changes how we tend to see things. Science and technology plays an important role in this. Apart from the fact that it makes life better, through its use learning has become a lifestyle, a sort of normalcy. This means that each and every day, we learn by default and the application of these knowledge is what actually changes us from within.

Learning is a cyclical process as well as a transactional process. This means that as sophistication happens on a daily basis, people are able to transact knowledge without contradicting or totally changing what they use to know as the truth, rather, it gently adds up to that information and enhances it to something better.

Social media and the internet has become a better learning tool, and its impact holds more influence more than you'll ever get from the four walls of a school or college, and why is this?

The Effect Of Globalisation

The world is becoming smaller, globalization is getting more advanced and geographical barriers are being taken out, why is this? Virtual relationship are built better than physical relationships and this is because education or the sharing of knowledge and experience is no longer static but dynamic and flexible.

The internet is a plethora of endless information and hence when people get access and make contact with it, they still continue the process of filtering. It's because old and new knowledge will forever be present because the human race documents their experiences through the use of books and other storage materials, nowadays because of the invention of better ways of storing knowledge.

It's become possible for humans to become the most knowledgeable species in the universe, indestructible ways are invented to store knowledge and this is because no knowledge is waste, a knowledge can only be enhanced or made better but not totally destroyed from people who have come in contact with it.


The Internet: The Process Of Filtering

So "filtering" is a continuous process made possible by the internet, and it's a form of learning that not only provides generalized knowledge but also directs people to find information that are meant for them.

In Nigeria, for example, billions are spent for garnering static knowledge. With the limitations that comes with degrees such as PhD's and MASTERS, static knowledge are being transferred in the four ways of a class. Because these professors stops learning at a certain stage in life, they total find it baseless to continue learning since they have gotten to the pinnacle of knowledge.

Some of these professors continues transferring the same kind of knowledge for close to 30 years, thereby distorting the actual process of knowledge, which should be dynamic and continuously change with time. Take for example, if the internet was expensive or accessible to only a specific class of people we could have had an uninformed generation of people, especially in geographical locations that are not financially buoyant.

Being Financially Knowledgeable

In Nigeria, for example, the internet is not seen as a learning tool that is necessary. Hence, we have people who own degrees and are educated but are generally not knowledgeable and as a result of this, they find it difficult to develop creative concepts to better their lives financially.

Being educated and being knowledgeable are two different things. While a person can be educated, they might not be knowledgeable, but then the latter can be both. While knowledge is very important in improving the lives of people, it's important to understand that moving with the trend, the latest of trend is important to keeping up with how dynamic the act of acquiring knowledge can be.

It's the reason why education, or the process of being educated especially in most African countries are currently redundant and needing a total overhaul.

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