Dream Chasers: The BIGGEST Financial Lessons

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Generally, we're scared of inachievments or unfulfillment, that deplorable state of inadequacy where we feel useless, unable to replicate rewardable value. This is why we feel we have a purpose, even if we have not hit the jackpot of success.

*This is why I think humans are natural grinders, aiming blindly without checking how the obstacles ahead might limit them, especially when money and relevance are the goal.

When people are born, their parents set them on a particular course in other to better their lives, and one of the reasons why we choose betterment is because we feel we need to equip ourselves well enough to compete in life. Because life is filled with competition, we don't give up and this is because we're unique in how we want to run our races.

This is why I think that having hope and dreaming big in front of difficult circumstances is a "human thing"

One thing I know is that we don't check the statistics, because they might be real, but oddly discouraging.

a person who is doing terribly in business might need a shove to their back instead of discouragement. I've seen people who have been told they'd never be successful in life due to their inability to learn or comprehend like their peers and they have somehow gone on to live their lives hoping to prove these statements wrong.

Sometimes, people don't need to hear the truth of their reality, they just need hope and courage which is like fuel that ignites their will.


I live in a stereotypical country where the system judges your abilities, your usefulness, worth, or value with your present state or conditioning

The reality is that.....

No one is willing to invest in prospects, everyone wants to associate with already-made success

There's this story of this Nigeria athlete who has been going to the Olympics and coming out fourth, then she decided to run one last race before she threw in the towel.
She put everything into that competition and she broke the world record. Two days later, I started seeing big names in the industry wanting to associate with her, suddenly she was sitting with the president and earning six figures.
I wouldn't include brands, because I know that's strictly business.
My point here is that not choosing to invest in people because they've not hit their peak is indirectly suggesting that they might never hit their peak.

Naturally, we're dream chasers. This is why someone unemployed can see themselves driving a $500k car in about 5 years. In reality, logic doesn't function with dreams and this is because it doesn't correlate with common sense. However, we need the ability to dream to fuel the need for consistency and vibrancy.

Taking Away The Ability To Strive

One of the reasons why people fear death is because it's the end of their strivings, it's a state of blandness because no one feels they've hit their peak because we still like to think we have something to offer even when we do not. I have been rejected in many places where I went I've gone to seek employment.

Some of these rejections came without me even getting an interview. There was this place I went to work. The owner of the business didn't think I had it in me, they didn't think I'd show up for work the next day after working the first day.

However, I showed up the first month, second and third and worked there for three years. He gave me increments when necessary and I looked at the innovations I brought to that job, it's a legacy the owner still enjoys financially.

The truth is, some people are willing to build the businesses of others, in exchange for validation and peanuts because they cannot build their dreams


the system encourages people who have done it, with proven track records, it feels like a lack of experience is tantamount to failure. I like to say again. Sometimes our realities might be messier than we think. We might be broker than we know, and our finances might be in ruins, but how it doesn't render our ability to chase after the next venture, hardly functions with the principles of logic. But we don't even need to check the statistics.

In The Right Direction....

A person who is afraid of paying debts might not be able to take that step in getting a loan for their business. Sometimes, when we bank on reality, it takes away the courage to hope for victory even when one hasn't started the race. Let's be clear the concept of hope shouldn't take away the need for preparations. In life, we can be fully prepared but we cannot shake off the feeling that we might still fail. This is because we are aware of external factors. At the end of the day, man's ability to dream about the unthinkable is how some of the biggest dreams are achieved.

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