Hive: The Art Of Paddling The FUD canoe

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Decembers are mostly memorable for Crypto, last year's December was the peak of the bull market, before then, it was December 2017.

However, no one wants to pay attention to these patterns anymore, in fact, I've seen a sizeable number of posts here, damning the charts and damning the numbers and this is mostly because prices have minds of their own and the recent events are beginning to frustrate the logic out of people.

At the moment no one wants to see posts predicting price stipulations for a particular time, all the *"hive to 100$ in 5 years" type of posts, this isn't because there's something wrong with posts as this, after all, anyone can dream.

It's just that it creates unsolicited hope

Needless to say, hive isn't ripe for such prices as this might take decades and different kinds of innovations, but some of these people who publish such posts are probably doing so to generate contents and views and nothing more.

However, no one would bat an eye if these prediction posts were done during the bull market as people would be too busy admiring the portfolio and planning how to take profits. However, when prices are down it's easier to be irked by virtually everything. This is when people would begin to notice those who are selling everything, or people who aren't trying to build, this isn't to say we shouldn't bother about people like this.

It's a cyclical thing, hate the growth process because price is on the low

I'm just generally saying that bear market generally makes people doubt the very chain they've believed all along. This isn't to say anyone should ignore the fear inside of them, because bear market affects people in different ways. One way is psychological The fear of loss creates skepticism

I won't say hive has gotten to where we want it to be, but at the same time, it's not stagnant as well. There's no prerequisite to growing hive as there's no antecedent, this means the witness will fail at many things.

One of those things is naming the chain without further research and most of the time these issues will mostly be prevalent when we hit a snag or can't seem to get the adoption we want.

Price is like a canker that tends to reopen all wounds.

The anger of seeing depreciating assets can hurt

even if these issues are with crypto in general, it would be easy to blame hive because of the general frustration, it's normal. However, there are bigger forces at play.

Crypto is so directional and causal, the SBF and binance issues have made both good and bad projects experience turbulent times and I wish a time would come in the phase of Crypto where different projects would drive their own market and economy, but this isn't the case at the moment.

We all miss the time when the bear and bull markets are driven by pure natural market forces and not scammers and money launders.

There are forces fighting crypto from the inside out.

Since outside influence couldn't bring it down, internal forces are now at play to create bad PR for Crypto. In reality, it would take Hive to be near perfect to be least affected by everything, but we're not, so I think irrespective of the prices, we owe it to ourselves to continue being agents of adoptions and attempting to get it right with every one of our actions.

However, It might feel frustrating and tiring at the moment, since we cannot control the man-made induced bear market we find ourselves in.

However, no one is sure if everything that's happening with Binance is total FUD, I mean even if FTX faithful are leading the coordinated attack against CZ, we cannot completely say he (CZ) is clean, after all, he was one of the people who lead the hostile takeover.

After binance, are we done?

But even if we finally get over this binance fracas, what other exchanges are these guys coming after? It's crazy right now. I try not to look at the FUD, There's so much of it on hive and other social platforms at the moment.

I had my emergency funds wiped out this summer and it's tough, especially on me, I could have been solid and not shaken by all the FUD, but unfortunately, here I am, still trying to stay strong.

But unfortunately, we cannot admit we're not scared, FUD is the only way we show our frustration and anger, but we cannot put it all on hive because there are bigger external forces at play and we have the internal responsibility to make hive better, hopefully, this phase will pass.

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