Choosing Opportunities That You're Compatible With

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The craving for success and achievement has made life into a rat race that inevitably forestalls competition. Because money is often tied to the resources that determine our survival, standard of living, and quality of life, it has become impossible to repulse competition, no matter how much we hate it.

We're all movers and climbers in life, our physical and psychological anatomy warrants us to move, not considering the barriers we have to face in life, this is why opportunities are created for us to take advantage of the values we can offer to enrich or continuously move us to and fro, the diverse ladders of life.

Because of scarcity or the pressure to do well, we're sometimes guilty of not knowing ourselves, valuing ourselves rightly, and not increasing our expectations or valuing ourselves wrongly. The people we are determines which opportunities suit us, we have to be compatible or attain a level of compatibility with what we're chasing for us to attain a level of accomplishment. Some people try to exactly copy their recipes without measuring the scale of their capabilities.

This is to say we're thrilled with the results. For a moment we forget efforts and focus on success simply because of the pressure and the rush. At the end of the day, we fail because we do not take the time to know and understand who and what we are. In this video, I talked about the exposure to opportunities and how compatible we might be with the opportunities we're presented with and what we choose to make of them.

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