Making Solid (LIQUID) Plans For The Next Bull Run

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At lot of people are already beginning to feel bullish, Bitcoin pulling 21 and 22k respectively has brought some bullish vibes and even if we don't know if these prices will hold, (pull backs will happen) feeling bullish is a motivation on its own to keep the money in the system rather than taking it out. We all know that bullish price makes people invest while bearish trends make them sell.

This psychology might seem abnormal, but this is the general feeling of the crypto market Because of the constant fear that a downward price might mean we could inevitably hit the bottom, where all prices might go to zero.

The Market Sentiment That Might Never Die

While this might never happen, people will never fail to envisage it because, because their hard-earned money is at stake. (Money determines a lot of things) As I said, bullish prices create the general feeling of positive investing. For example, anytime who bought hive at $0.28 is in profit at the moment, even if the profit is not life-changing.

one can take it, sell it at 38 cents, wait for a little pull back, then buy back and gradually grow the quantity of one's holding in preparation for the proper bull market. This is just one strategy. *One thing is that growing one's quantity of stack, creates more potentiality for one during the bull market

The Emphasis On Liquidity

One of the most important reasons to have maximum volume during the bull market is to have the opportunity to make money and still have enough funds to buy back that same quantity or more during the bear market. (This takes some proper strategies) This to me is the most important reason to have enough liquid before a bull market comes, but some people fail to prepare for this.

There's no scheme than having the right amount of liquid before a bull market. Although some people feel that the last ATH in the previous bull run would be multiplied X2 of the price in the next bull run. While this might happen for Bitcoin, I do not think it'll happen for all the altcoins.


Logic Is Not A Thing When It Comes To Predictions

For example, I've seen a prediction where a person here says that since the last ATH for hive was $3.4 and that logically, it's possible we could see a $7 ATH in the next bull run. To me, this is virtually impossible. The reason is that I still think $7 is miles ahead and 4$ in the next bull run would be massive progress and a more realistic actuality.

My point here is that we cannot make up for having a lesser quantity by predicting outrageous prices. At $2 some people would have already started taking profit, and this is because the profit you have at hand is better than the ATH you are not sure of. So before someone can begin to take profit at 2$, they'll have a certain figure which they hope to split.

The FTX Saga Is A Demeaning Factor

Then they'll activate the sell mode when one certain price is achieved. I believe the next bull run will be iconic and this isn't to say we might see so many ATHs being shattered, the reason why we might not see previous ATHs being shattered is that I think the FTX saga has created a very big loop that would need extra two bull runs to properly correct.

So Instead of planning to see the previous ATH being doubled, create a plan that would enable you to have enough liquid, which you can split across several prices to take profit. As I said, if hive manages to beat its last ATH even if it's just by 50 cents alone, that would already be a massive success.

ATHs VS Liquidity: The Ultimate Game

This isn't to say that we would not see a double of the last ATH my point is that making a plan on an unrealistic price that one is not certain of is risky. People should never make mistakes during the bull run, this is because they'll carry this regret through the bear market and eventually lose confidence in their ability to come up with the right strategy.

So instead of concentrating on ATHs, concentrate on having enough liquid. ATHs are not guaranteed, but having enough liquid mitigates this. The bull market is a precarious time, where sentiments are going to fly, this is why it's important to make solid plans before that time comes.

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