Planning On Monetizing My Culinary Skill in The Future; Have You Underated Any Skillset Lately?

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As a Nigerian, food is one thing that people will always have money for irrespective of how broke they are, this means that having culinary skills is something that might never go outdated or replaced or redundant, rather cooking will only become more sophisticated, new ingredients will come out in the market and different styles not cooking will emerge but one thing is that it wouldn't become less valuable. In Nigeria, people who learnt how to do things like woodwork or carpentry are going out of jobs because aluminium is taking over and people who now skills to fix aluminium glasses and window are more sought after and that's where the new money is.

Now while carpenters are still in the mix it might get to a time where wood and aluminium won't be used anymore in building and something else comes up, who knows it might be a different sort of stronger element but the point here is that some skillsets might become redundant with time but not cooking skills and here's where I pitcher my tend. Of the reasons why people are bad at the things they earn money from is because they're not passionate about it. When I was younger I watched a lot of chefs on YouTube and their ability to create new ingredients to cook something different.



You see people flood into restaurants to taste something different, paying huge amount of money to have different experience of what cooking and food feels like. However as I grew up I learnt that cooking is more of gut than following instructions to a letter. In Nigeria some of the most expensive restaurants are the one's that have bizare foods, food that can cost you $500 to 1000$ and while some of these food may not really taste good, people who are rich are often interested in eating things that are different, they want to know what it feels to mix cod oil with garlic and boil it in soda and add a mix of rosemary to it with probably half boiled tuna fish.

One thing I applaud about Nigerian polytechnics is their attempted to exposing people to different skillets because they know that some students already have side jobs like photography, shoe making, threadwork, barbing or even cooking and the try to help students pick up interest in these jobs in the absence of white collar jobs. These might not be so for universities but my point is, skillets turn people to entrepreneurs especially if they have a financing backing to fully go into business.


Food is my thing, I'm passionate about having to cook and have people pay for it, if you observed my blogs you'll see that I sometimes blog food, I've once invested in a chicken farm so that I can have my own personal fresh meat stock if I'm needing chicken to cook something instant. Nevertheless I'm still at beginners level when it comes to cooking but even as at that there's this stereotype that men don't have jobs as chefs or cooks and so when I'm sorrounded with heavy spenders, I do their cooking and have them pay for it. Now why do I have them pay for it?



I have them pay for it because I have reduced their expenditure to a sizeable amount. If you want to become poor with time then eating in local restaurants, going to places like KFC or even nice places to eat is how to achieve this. Now you actually don't know the amount you spend on eating out and the only time you do is when you suddenly go broke m While home made meals might not be elaborate, so many people pay quite a sizeable cost to actually have home made meals and that's the kind of chef I'm striving to become.

In the pictures, I and a college mates decided to do a few things with the spaghetti, the friend rice and the chicken. This is basically the simplest of it but then we didn't aim to cook like huge restaurants we aim to master the skills, learn how to be creative with ingredients and pay later in future to have better knowledge about food, international food and well cook at an even bigger level. Now while I have a lot of ideas on how to investing in understanding how to cook better, I'm taking it one a time and it's just the beginning.

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