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They are the ones that upgrade their gaming console every time a new one comes out. That is great for the ones who make the consoles - those people will be wealthy but not the gamer who does that.

This is currently the issue when it comes to regular gaming, however it's being redefined by blockchain gaming. The model is built around and reaching developers of the game creating a system of wealth and maintaining value for a person who is just the regular gamer. So the advent of cryptocurrency affecting gaming has redefined this and I only pity people who are still gaming for free.

The most expensive thing I have bought in the last ten years had not cost even a small percentage of one percent of my net worth.

This is generally amazing, I use to look at my life as well and how I've come to streamline my expenses to be rather meaningful, sometimes I think having Money is basically having an understanding of how to manage it rightly. Sometimes what others would generally place value to, might be utter stupidity in our own books.

I definitely move a lot like you too, but in my country it's more favourable to build rather than rent because tax is inconsequential especially when you're not working for the government.

Overall, I believe that you've come a long way from the first day you bought into Crypto. I guess it redefines who we are and helping us become better in all aspects.

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