RE: Is Shiba Inu coin a scam or legit?

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Well... A lot of people would choose to make those little profits from shiba, but the fact that it's a rugpull waiting to happen makes it calamitous, I mean people would lose a lot of money, but it's a gamble some are willing to indulge in.

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My issue with Shiba Inu is that because of its fun dog logo, it attracts investors who don't understand the tech.

Buying SHIB or placing your asserts on ShibaSwap isn't just a gamble because price might drop due to supply/demand.

It's a gamble because there is room in the code for the creators to literally rug pull and scam everyone.

I hope that this blog can help potential Shiba Inu coin investors look past the dog logo and actually make an informed decision.

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