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Some people do not want to be partners they just want to be provided and cared for without returning this in equal manifold. So many people do not understand that marriage is a partnership. Some feel it is even an escape from responsibility and poverty. This is why we have so many misunderstandings and diverse. So many partnership these days are just too parasitic and sometimes you might even build with the right people yet they might still be parasitic.
When it comes to being responsible people do not want equality this is one of the problems that I actually have.
Thank you so much for your wonderful input.

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Exactly!!! The problem in that of marriage is they forget that they are partners and they are supposed to be helpful to each other and not one-sided. The woman especially is the ones that mostly mistake in this part but then when some women try to be supportive to their husbands, the husbands sometimes feel very relaxed to carry out their own duties.

Well well, the problem is the lack of acceptance that they are partner until then things will always seem to be going wrong.

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