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The pattern you've described with web3 and how you've placed Hive at the epicenter and how it works is amazing, it certainly shows that every party involved isn't limited in how far or how much they can earn, secondly it shows that everyone is a winner irrespective of how small their efforts are.

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Do you think my reasoning with this is off? Or does it make sense?

I think, as more is being revealed to us, the options are only growing for people on Hive. We are recreating the traditional social media apps, at least to a degree, on Hive. Of course, this is only the first step but it is a vital one.

From there, we can keep innovating and expanding.

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Your reasoning is not off, we're even yet to fully understand the capabilities of web3, I think it's overwhelming, yet it's realistic.

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And only the starting point. We are really just duplicating what is out there. This is the first phase of technology: we play copy cat.

Imagine what innovation will lead to next. We cant even imagine it all (although someone is thinking about it).

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