The Age Of Abundance & Scarcity: What Value Does Blockchain Guarantees?

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Money sometimes exceeds its financial functions and becomes the determinants to the decisions of people. I was reading a particular post sometimes ago and the writer questioned the authenticity of blockchain blogging and asked if the money was subtracted would people be willing to part with their money to actually purchase a post, reward it in crypto or in dollars.

Truth is, there are many angles to this; sometimes ago I read about an Indian that paid more than 66 million dollars to actually acquire a digital art and while this seems totally insane to the outside world this things happens. Crypto has ushered people into the age of abundance and this makes the world a web that spins around opportunities and prospects of abundance.

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Truth is, when there is or isn't money people are still laden with financial decisions nonetheless. This is to say that money itself doesn't carry enough power by itself, it is the people who make and use money that actually defines its worth and gives it value and this is why some currency are worth more than the others. Now not to deviate from the actual thing:

blockchain blogging would need to go through a phase where money isn't the reason why people are participating to actually become the real deal. Truth is, real value is when a prospect is priceless and a money doesn't define its worth. When something becomes priceless it means it can acquire value beyond monetary valuation and this is why the concept of value in people are diverse.

Sometimes we see the price or worth being accrued to a content, an art, a piece of work, a performance or even a post and we doubt if they're worth the price valuation put on it. There are many reasons why pricelessness is accrued to a commodity and one of them a that the rewarder is actually paying for the reputation of the person who owns the content and not the content in general.

If Leonard Da Vinci was alive, people would pay millions upon millions to actually have his arts. This is because the reputation precedes the content, the reputation of the contentor has made the content priceless and because of this valuation on the contentor, competitiveness will drive more demand thereby increasing value to a content of which normally seems illogical.

But then there's nothing logical about money; people determines what's more valuable and not money itself. While some people wouldn't be willing to pay for a content from their pocket some other people would gladly pay for a content that they deem valuable. While we live in the age of abundance, there's still scarcity.

A lot of countries are reeked in poverty and this creates a mentality where people would rather have all the money at the moment rather than reinvesting on a prospect online, the blockchain and the internet to actually benefit more people. Scarcity is the reason behind the economic decisions of a lot of people but then before the age of abundance can finally take hold, people would need to spread value in other to get back value and this is how the world should work.

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The reason why poverty will forever remain dominant is because a lot of people are receiving wealth but holding on to it rather than spread it. So many hip hop artists spends ludicrous amount of money buying trash because they easily get this money so if people can pay a lot of money for a wack hip hop artist, why can't they do so for a piece of content online that radiates more value? It's simple money itself carries no power.

The world is filled with "the wrong people" holding the "right money". I believe this is the case. At the end it's only the right mass adoption of the people with the right mindset that can actually create the right virtual setting of what our physical world should be like. Blockchain is changing the actions and decisions of people when it comes to value.

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