The Negative & Positive Aspect Of A Financial Consequence.

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It's usual to feel financially uncertain when you spend, especially if you're conscious and aware of your personal finance practices. For me, I try to evaluate the consequence of every spending I made, even that particular commodity, need or want I've spent on would serve a productive purpose or utility. This seems strange, but then, I'll explain why.

The consequences of spending can come out positive on a particular problem you're intending to solve, but at the same time, it'll have a negative effect on the problems or issues that suffered. In life, we're always making monetary decisions, both consciously and unconsciously.

For every decision we make, there's always a corresponding consequence, either it's negative or positive. When one chose business over degree, that opportunity cost is giving the diverse gains that would come from going into business, at the same time getting a degree unlocks other prospects too.

So here, there's a positive consequence and a negative consequence. One aspect of one's life suffers to the advantage of another, that's the negative consequence and there's a positive consequence of the other aspects that actually gained.

This is because of limitation to means, money or even resources, so we cannot satisfy every aspect of our lives and this is why we incur consequences of each and every spending we do. This is the height of being financially conscious. It varies in people, and sometimes a lot of others find it difficult to accrue the right exposure to create their own financial principles that should work for them.

When I was younger, I thought my father wasn't prudent or savvy with how he earns and distributes his money to take care of certain need, but overtime I've come to realize that it was him. He didn't have that Superfluous exposure that he should, he wasn't paying attention to details and even if this was actually a negative lesson, it helped me learned, the hard way.

It's not easy to showcase financial intelligence, especially when one's origin in economics matters isn't in-depth and fine-tuned enough. There's always a consequence of every monetary decision we make, when one pays attention to this detail, then they're cognizant, it helps them stay alert. It's difficult to maintain a rigid financial principle.

Especially when you haven't learned money lessons the "hard way". However, this isn't always true, to some extent, exposure to people who are constant spenders, can help one acquire their own unique financial scope. In his wisdom (my father) he tried to put his money where his mouth was.

But he made more mistakes and failed many times more than he actually succeeded, accrued a lot of debts dealing with the wrong people and not totally taking that time to access who, where, when and how to actually put money into the best of use.

I learned from this, and it's always evident in everything I do. This is how one can develop their scope. Everyone has a definitive financial origin, and sometimes it's evident in the money choices they make. For example a minimalist will always be prudent.

Being a minimalist in the first place is as a result of so many reasons, firstly, it might be seeing vanity in being exposed to things that are more of luxury rather than things that are essential. However, a maximalist may or may not have their origin from being wealthy.

Being one of these two inadvertently influence the Personal finance of a person. Nevertheless, being prudent or lavish has its consequences too. While a prudent person might be scared of risks. For a lavish person, this risk might or might not pay off.

At the end of the day, I haven't allowed my origin to dictate my decisions when it comes to money. When I firstly found Crypto, it was during a bull market. I made little gains and I cashed out all my money, thinking that was the top.

I was scared of the lows hence I was satisfied with whatever gains I made, not thinking of the top or the peak. This was because of my origin. My experiences with lack made me take whatever gains so early. But nowadays, I aim for the top and for the most juicy prices.

This is because I have been influenced by a new environment, with new people, new exposure and new experiences. Nevertheless, there are still consequences of these situations. In whatever financial situation you find yourself, endeavor to always seek details, know that you're limited no matter the amount of money you have, your wants and needs are bigger.

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