The State Of Crypto Adoption & The Need For It's Education In A State As Nigeria

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Yesterday I had the opportunity of reading this post by @young-boss-karin and it was enlightening, spoke about how we can change the mind of people in general towards crypto and basically I also feel we need to also change the mindset of people towards "internet money" as many would often call it. First of, i have spoken to a lot of people about crypto and the first reaction wasn't totally good, a lot of people are of the notion that crypto can only be earned if it's gifted to you, either through cashapp or by.... you know pretending to be a Nigerian prince on the internet like @trumpman would call it. It's a euphemistic way of saying a person scams other through avenues like dating apps pretending to be who they're not and in the process earning crypto since things like PayPal for direct fund transfer is difficult in Nigeria.



The generally mindset of the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria is that crypto can only be gotten by scamming people on the internet and whenever a police sees let's say a binance app on your phone, it automatically makes you an internet scammer, which means you're legible to be under arrest. This might sound outrageous to maybe someone living in the US like @taskmaster4450 or @Pouchon but this is the state of reality in most places in Nigeria; this was one of the reasons why Crypto trading was banned in the first place. The government are in the dark about what Crypto truly is, they see people buying and trading it online and they feel threatened and instead of doing their research and aligning with the life changing prospects that it can bring to her citizens, they're only keyyed to the stance that crypto is only used to pay criminals and fund terrorism.

But then, generally because of how government frowns on crypto, it has given it bad PR making it untenable for people to want to educate themselves on it. In my early days on steem I met this guy called Jackson, he was almost clueless as to what crypto was and this was 3 years ago, fast forward to today, he now has a hub where he lectures people on the best ways to invest in Crypto, the best alt coins to buy and projects that can help them earn money online. He's living rather comfortably, note: he is an unemployed graduate but found a way to earn a living by educating people on crypto. See, why I found this exciting is that it's a win-win situation. Him educating people on crypto will spread more knowledge on Crypto and helping people develop their financial nuances towards crypto.

Truth is, people like Jackson are expanding the knowledge of crypto legally and legibly and should be funded and promoted rather then haunted, he's helped a lot of unemployed people become millionaires in naira, he's raised their standard of living, they've found out how to invest rightly as Jackson's method on buy altcoins works 70% accurately. A lot of people have been lifted out of Poverty because he's educating them on crypto. No lies, crypto education is difficult, you need systematic people like Jackson to show it to people who also would go on their own personal discovery of them own as well to learn even better. But then it's the a lot of people still have zero knowledge on the potentials of crypto as government are trying to term it "money without base or worth". These of course scare a lot of others who are trying to do into it.

People are still living in the dark, suffering unemployment and investing in ponzi schemes, a lot of others feel that earning money online is too good to be true; the best way of course to get people to key into the concept of crypto is to get them personally involved. While we have many Nigerian in crypto, so much more aren't. There was a television program I saw that spoke about Nigerians investing over 18 billion naira into crypto in just 2020 alone, the highest by any African country ever. But even at this volume alone, a lot of people are still living in the dark. The Nigerian population is over 200 million, imagine everyone of these population putting adopting let's say bitcoin or an Utility project like hive. The possibilities are still endless.

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