Google finanse dodal nowa zakladke "Kryptowaluty" || Googe finance Added a new tab "Cryptocurrencies"


Lecimy na księżyc!🚀🚀🚀

Patrzac na ten rok hossy to myslę, że hive osiągnie jeszcze większą cene, a co za tym idzie więcej ludzi przyjdzie do nas. Zaglądając na…

CTP Miner

I've been watching for a few

Blurt on probit currency exchange

Today I saw an entry about how the blurt appeared on the probit. The price went in the gire by 27%! I don't know if I'm the only one who…

Huawei will support the digital yuan

It is exactly about the Mate 40 model that will allow you to make transactions anonymously offline and will be equipped with a wallet for…

I want delegate 420k SPORTS!🔥🔥🔥

Hello! I have great news for you today! If you are interested in sports, support the sports community, this video is for you. I would…

How to sign in Leofinance with Methamask mobile

For the last few days I was looking for answers how to log into leofinance.io thanks to Metamask mobile. The trial and error method…

Something is growing🔥

So recently I wrote that I bought some Leo. I didn't think there was anything more to grow out of such a seed. It turned out that with 200…

O co w tym wszystkim chodzi? Dlaczego teraz?

Twitter jest medium specyficznym, gdyż skraca dystans pomiędzy decydentami, specjalistami, sportowcami a zwykłymi ludźmi, czasami ci…

Toyota wants its token

Toyota Motor Corporation, now works with the Japanese exchange crypto DeCurret. ( I don't know). The aim of the corporation is to create a…

Sale of Atari token starts on 29 October

The public sale of the much-awaited Atari token will be launched on October 29th at Bitcoin.com. The price of the token was set at 0.25…

BitTorrent and Dlive

BitTorrent today announced its acquisition of its live streaming platform: DLive, and plans to migrate all of its services to one unified…

Bitcoin is Ponzi?

An @thacrypt entry appeared on the twitter with a graphic design that was supposed to explain why Bitcoin and Ponzi are synonymous.…

Edrone raised $5.3 million

Rahim Blak, who will serve as chairman of the company's supervisory board, announced that edrone has raised $5.3 million from the…

Sergey Nazarov is a real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Chainlink again in the spotlight, and actually co-founder Sergei Nazarov, who seems to be a very private person, more or less stated that…

Mój świat Leofinance || My world Leofinance

Na początek chciałbym podziękować wszystkich, którzy przyjeli mnie ciepło do leo community. Dziękuje za wszystkie głosy wsparcia.…

Gold price drop ahead of the elections📉

$ 1,900 an ounce. This is a psychological point that we saw on Thursday morning while the dollar kept its posituon. It is estimated that…

$ 7 million in BTC in listed companies

The Greyscale Bitcoin Trust has the most BTC in its resources. The listed companies have a large cryptovalut resources. One of the times…

Airdrop DeFi

For those who like free airdrop tokens, I have something for you. YFI Matrix Airdrop is worth 0.50 YFIM (~1.75$) + 0.001 YFI Tokens…

How do you use your cryptovalutes?

We know well that most of the crypto is used for market speculation. Not many people use it in their daily lives. There are many ways that…