Road to success in life

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Success is widely desired by everyone but it literally takes to get it is only adopted by few individuals.


One of the criteria for being a successful person is following your passion and your dreams. Sometimes success is not all about commitment or dedication, don't get me wrong they very important but in this case passion is also considered and required reason because you can not follow your passion of job or work and not be successful in it. Success requires you to engage in what makes you happy as a person, and if you like to achieve some personal goals, becoming successful won't be an hindrance or problem to achieve.

Success can be defined in different ways, sometimes becoming successful person in life doesn't necessarily require educational degrees or achievement. However, success has no age limits or barriers it surely depends on how great you want to become in the nearest Future and putting your dedication to it.

In my own perspectives views I'd solely defined success as reaching or achieving your goals in life. Success is also attaining a desired designated level in one's life. These are one of the few steps and key roles to be a successful person.

I'd be highlighting the steps on how to Adopt and observe them and I'm going to giving some life scenarios and life instances for more understandings.


Steps and key role;

  • Set your goals

Setting your goals can literally help you in reaching them and becoming successful faster than you can imagine. Knowing what to do at the right time can also lead you to success.
Once you have a goal you aim to reach and ignoring obstacles, avoiding distractions and remain focus on your is literally a quicker way to achieve success. Two (2) years ago where I was working as a bartender in one of the biggest hotels in in my state, I wasn't satisfied and happy with the nature of my job. I told myself ' I'm leaving this place and going for my passion, so I quitted my job and I applied for a job elsewhere. though the pay wasn't okay but I was very happy with my decision and I was so sure of what I'm doing. Afterwards I achieved some great things at the new job and I got some huge recognitions. I knew what I was looking for and set my aim at it.

  • Good character

Developing a good habits is a unique way to achieve success. I always tell people having all what it takes to achieve success doesn't necessarily give the guarantee to be successful and it doesn't determine your way to success, if you don't have good character to showcase. The help of other people might just be the only way for you to get to where you aimed at in life and, having a bad character might or would just chase them away from you.
Exhibiting a good and honest behavior is surely a key role to success. I've once been recommended by people for some job gigs and I'd it's not my skills that prompted them in choosing for the job but my good behavior.

  • Commitment

Being committed to whatever thing or work we found ourselves doing is a good way to success. I literally discovered that commitment is very important to our respective endeavors. I have a friend here
On hive blockchain, we both kinda started blogging almost the time but he given me this huge gap in ranking and of course he has acquired a lot of Hive powers in the Blockchain than I do. He told me commitment is part of the reasons he's gaining so much Hive power and recognition in the Blockchain. I strongly concur with the fact that no matter the desire you have for any dreams or goals, if commitment is not exercised towards those things you can never achieve them.

  • Always be positive

Positivity is a good thing to acquire when aiming for success. Be positive in your endeavors, neglect any act or form of negative mindset. When you embark on a journey to being successful person, always have the mindset of a winner no matter the circumstances you may encounter during the period or life may bring along the way. Always think like a victor.

  • Proper planning

There's this saying that say " if you fail to plan, then you're planning to fail". Make a good plans for yourself and strike for it.
You must always be prepared for the unknown, of course that will make you a better and a successful person without encountering obstacles in one's journey to success. Good planning is very essential to reach success in life.

  • Discipline

It can be in the form of precision because those two words are synonyms to each other. For you to be precised in your doings, discipline is highly required of you. I kinda learnt this musically and it has indeed helped me alot. Adhering to your goals and not compromising them for any form of hindrances is a major key role to success in life.

We must always strive for the best and always follow our passion if we you want to be successful. And Of course the road to success is not an easy journey but it has to be reached.


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