How much gas fee have you spent on BSC so far?

Check your total gas fee spent on bsc The other day a friend shared this site where you can see how much gas fee you've spent on…

sharing my current crypto holdings

My current crypto holdings in pie chart, excluding coins like Hive and dtube for obvious privacy reasons. I’m currently a BTC maxi, being…

Spotify's fake artists stream revenue farming

Yesterday I came across this video about Spotify and found it interesting, Spotify is probably the widely used app for music. But have you…

No more international travels until 1 March?

There's a national holiday coming in Feb, so they just decided to ban travels, while EU border remains open, because unless all countries…

Some valuable lessons I've learnt from 2017/2018 bull run

Now that we've entered a new round of bull run, I'd like to share some of the lessons I've learnt. I started stacking sats around 2016…

Countries you still travel to now (without covid test and quarantine)

Remember when we just went into the first lockdown back in March 2020? Many thought things will be normal by the summer, then we thought…

Financial Goals 2021

Original Initiative Post by theycallmedan: Which is g

Preparing for the coming crypto bull run

2020 is near at an end now, it's been a terrible year more or less, unless you have some bitcoin (I guess most of my LEO friends do).…

How Are You Celebrating Bitcoin Over 20k? The Daily Contest

What Bitcoin is over 20k! This day is going to be history in the cryptocurrency world like Bitcoin pizza day. On December 16, 2020…

New WordPress Plugin, EthereumAds, an alternative to Google AdSense?

After coming back home from the beautiful sunny Portugal, I finally picked up my WordPress blog which has been left semi-abandoned for…

Celsius Network: another source of passive income?

Hey, everyone from LeoFinance, finally I made my first post here on Leo. Although I'm not really a trader myself, I keep a close eye on…

My First LEO Post - I've Decided to run for HIVE Witness

I've invested all my time, energy, attention and own money with STEEM for 500 days. I trusted the people at the top to bring value to our…

My thoughts on the JustinSun/Ned AMA

Now that i taken some time and had some sleep i wanted to give my thoughts on the AMA and the Witness panel that came afterwards. First…

Is the Tron-acquiring-Steemit news fake? A followup keyboard investigation

Yeah, I believe that you've heard that - rumor, or at best unconfirmed news, has it that Justin Sun of Tron is going to buy Steemit, the…