sharing my current crypto holdings

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My current crypto holdings in pie chart, excluding coins like Hive and dtube for obvious privacy reasons. I’m currently a BTC maxi, being a bad trader, I guess it’s the safest play. 0 in ETH at the moment, which is probably my biggest regret, but in crypto it’s impossible to not have regrets, every day every hour, you either regret not buying or not selling.

I’ve no idea where the top is, but I’m planning to cash out any time soon, although totally holding hasn’t reached my target of this bull run yet. little by little. Not taking enough profit before the 2018 bear market has left me PTSD.

Currently I’m betting multichain and have played a bit on those chains, although both bsc and sol look really mainstream already. But then again last summer I’ve underestimate the defi summer and didn’t really join the party.

What’s your opinions about current market? What’s your prediction for the summer? Do you think there’s gonna be another defi summer? Feel free to share your portofolio too.

I’ll update the pie chart after the summer.

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