Facebook and Twitter Ban Donald Trump, let's bring him to HIVE!

17 days ago
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The President is being censored from the largest social media websites, perhaps it's time he became aware of decentralized options

As you've likely heard by now, Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook and Twitter until at least the end of his term.

This is in response to the numerous "potentially false or misleading claims" Trump has made on the two platforms over the last several months and ultimately came to a head after many of his supporters stormed the Capitol yesterday without a strong rebuke from the president for a significant period of time...

Now that the election has been certified and it's official that Biden would be our next president, Dorsey and Zuckerberg felt 'safe' in blocking Trump for the rest of his term.

This likely comes to no surprise to anyone out there, but it continues to show how large tech companies call the shots.

They can de-platform anyone they want for any reasons they want, even the president.


(Source: https://www.dw.com/en/donald-trump-loses-social-media-megaphone/a-56158414)

Could this be HIVE's gain?

While HIVE has had a lot of trouble seeing any kind of demand for the platform (and for its coin), getting the president on board could be a game changer.

Over 70 million people voted for Trump and many of those still believe that the election was stolen from him and are willing to continue to follow him basically to the ends of the earth.

Once of the major selling points of HIVE is the fact that it offers censorship resistance to its users, something that should be very attract to Trump right now as well as his followers.

Even if we can't land Trump, I imagine there are a lot of his followers out there that are going to be boycotting Facebook and Twitter after their decisions to ban Trump.

This potentially very large group of Americans is looking for a censorship resistant home, lets make that home HIVE.

I am not sure the best way to attract these people but anyone that post proof of promoting HIVE to Trump in one or another, I will upvote your comment.

Just paste a screenshot in the comments below and lets do our part to get Trump and/or his followers a place that they don't have to worry about being censored.

Let me know if you have any ideas of the best way to leverage this for HIVE's gain as well.

Stay informed my friends.


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