For the last 10 years Bitcoin has averaged 7% gains - per day

16 days ago
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The stock market averages 8% gains per year, Bitcoin averages that per day

I am not quite sure why everyone keeps making such a big deal out of the bitcoin gains lately.

Not just talking about here, but everywhere.

It's all over CNBC every day, multiple times per day, with all sorts of analyst and guest chiming in on it.

It's nice to have the news coverage like that, but at the same time the general theme seems to be that people are shocked bitcoin is up like it is...

They shouldn't be.

Bitcoin is pretty much doing exactly what it always does, go up after a halving event.

Check this chart out:



For some perspective, there was a halving event in 2012, 2016, and recently in 2020.

What has the price done following those years?

It's gone up.

Anyone in crypto shouldn't really be surprised at this point...

While the price gains are nice, no one reading this post should be all that surprised about what is going on.

I've posted about this for roughly 3 years now, ever since we started dropping in 2018, it was the start of the next cycle.

PlanB has been posting about this for even longer than I have and the price continues to track his model with astonishing accuracy:



As you can see, things continue to follow along with his model with no issues in sight.

If the gains are shocking to people right now I can't wait to see what they say when we are $60k, $80k, and eventually over $100k, probably all happening this year.

There will be dips along the way, possibly a couple large ones, but these dips are likely ultimately buying opportunities as the price continues to make higher highs along the way.

Stay informed my friends.


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