Interest in dCity is ramping up ahead of the 3rd Edition launch!

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Money is flowing into dCity ahead of the 3rd Edition launch

It's not entirely clear exactly when the 3rd Edition cards will be launched on dCity beyond the words "soon" from its creator.

Not only will the 3rd edition cards be launched but 1st edition cards will stop being printed.

This is causing a rush of capital in the dCity ecosystem not seen in months.

Check it out:



While I don't know for certain when the 3rd edition cards will launch, I do agree with the premise of money flowing in right now.

From what we have been hearing, each subsequent edition will not be as generous in terms of income etc as the previous edition.

Which means the 1st edition should be the most generous (and valuable) cards that ever get created.

The fact that their days are numbered only adds to their value.

I am now currently the number 1 SIM earner in the entire game and think this game has a very bright future ahead of it.

Let me know if you have any questions on it or questions for me on how to best optimize your city or your returns.

Stay informed my friends.


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