Hive Impact Life || Working under No or Less Supervision || Grasping your opportunity through decentralized PoB & POSH

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I would say it is an honour and great opportunity to be part of Hive community. I am always thankful to the Hive Executive Teams and my Mentors who introduced me to Hive.

From my experienced and having learnt about how decentralized Blockchain work. It has been such a good user friendly to all members comparatively to other job markets, such as our normal public work, online marketing, work and pay or freelance where you write content and get paid.

In Ghana for instant, many people who have completed university, private institutions are for many years are still struggling to be enrolled in public and private sectors for monthly salaries. The saddest aspect is that most have stayed home for almost 10 years and still looking for paid job. It is very appalling and hectic condition when you hear Graduates have formed "An unemployment association of Ghana." Just for the fact that they are unable to be absorbed in the job market.

This brings burden to the individuals who are affected, their family and the Country as well. Since unemployment rate increases, productivity declines and there would be rise in economic status and rise in inflammation too.

Who do we blame....?

Are we to ship blame on the individuals who have graduated from various institutions, his families or the Government? When it comes to unemployment, we cannot center the blame on one stakeholder, but we can tackle it holistically. We know that the Government should provide more avenues at the job markets, however, the individual at his own confined area can also look for alternative opportunities or base on his field of specialization, he can create job for himself.

Harnessing the best multimedia for best value added task.

Many people are handling complex and sophisticated machines, mobile phones, computers and laptops. Most of these people are enlightened from universities. We have so many multimedia: games, graphics, movies, music gif, animations and other social media sites we can interact with. The Google ads are in play where many people can create sites for people to download. To know the right media to use to add value to ones life become very difficult.

Who is to guide, direct or instruct you to know how your mobile phone, laptop or computer become valuable, to the extent that if you are jobless or unemployed, you can get some passive income to make a living successful? It takes few people out of million people to know this. Many literate people are handling mobile phones, computers or laptops living in poverty but do not know how to convert these sophisticated machines into usable valued added task that would bring income to their lives. This is due to the fact that they do not scrutinize the machines to know what other valuable tasks these machines can perform. The second option is also that, these people do not make inquiries from other people who have indepth knowledge about computers, mobile phones laptops and internet related usages.

My Experiences

I began to use smart phone way back 2005 when I was in Polytechnic. In those days mobile phones were common in use in so many countries, but not as common we in Ghana. I was really struggling to make earns meet; my fees and other responsibilities were difficult for me to cater. Could I even know what my smart phone was used for? I was only using it for calls, texting messages, facebooking and yahoo messages. I did not find some valuable purposes like searching for jobs that could earn me some little income. Even when I completed the tertiary at 2009 , I became handicapped at job market since the economy of Ghana was still in chaos, not much job was created, even though the population was still not too much as we see today. I stayed home for a year when I completed my National service in 2010. I was totally green 🍏 when it comes to using mobile phone to searching jobs online or knowing my phone could be used for other opportunities. Well, my interest in using internet to interact grew when I had job and buying my second smart phone. I began to relate much well with friends who are IT inclined. Between 2016 and 2017 I heard about cryptocurrency and the introduction of Bitcoin. But I didn't actually know much about how Bitcoin work or whether one can trade for additional income. It was those days that passion for knowing much details about how our mobile phones, laptops or computer grew.

Life after getting job..

How does the transition looks like after getting job, has my life being advanced to my expectations? That makes the difference about being employee at the public or private sector and working at your free time. One is entirely restricted being employed at certain company, his time, relationship with families and friends, time for going to parties and holidays. You would be entirely bounded by rules of which you wouldn't get time to explore your ideas since every decision is taken from the higher authority or hierarchy.

Not until 2018, I saw that I was mistaking, I need to take the pain and attach much seriousness in learning other side job that my phone can be used for. I tried so many online businesses and Blockchain related sites. That's why there is different between having a powerful machine and knowing how it is used for. My monthly paid job was nothing to write home about. I was getting meagre income that could only supplement my daily meals and pay few bills. It is really difficult for one to spend and save some money from salary job like teaching in Ghana.

There is no incentivization like getting additional allowances for extra work you do. Your salary is always capped and increment are determined by your Superior. One is always under pressure due to strict supervision. So many people force themselves to work because of the salary they would get at the end of the month, but not due to having passion for the job.

Hive impact life, working through decentralized PoB & POSH

It's very incredible to have well designed Blockchain that one can work at his own pace, anytime with no or less supervision. Hive Blockchain is really impacting my life, helping me to work at my own convenient time. Apart from not plagiarizing ones work, members of Hive community are allowed to share their own content through their own talents (Proof Of Brain). Is it video, text, artwork, or any designed project you have ideas to share with friends in the community? Hive community being decentralized own by team of hive executives who have transferred authorities to their individual members to be able to work at their own convenient, share their own activities to strengthen the community. Hive Blockchain allow most members the opportunity to create their communities, have their own team members and control their wallet to develop these communities. That is why individuals can also submit their proposal of projects they have intention to create in oder to transform their community. The @ocd community is the community incubation who support communities who have that niche to impact lives.

I also love the tokenized communities like @leofinance (Leo) and Hive engine(BEE), @neoxian (Neoxag), Splinterland(SPT) CTP Tokens and PALcoin( PAL) which have been built in Hive community to provide user additional value of investment to their portfolio apart from getting Hive tokens from sharing their contents. One can also trade there tokens like trading from one crypto to the other in their convenience.

There are also interesting games to play while earning some passive income or tokens. The game funs can check out Splinterland for more games or other related games site to play upload through Hive community and get much rewards.


Valuing life is much important with multifaceted activities. Not only would we look on the side of getting passive income or becoming billionaire through decentralized Blockchain like Hive. The platform also serves as establishing relationship or connection all walks of live. This is from the fact that we share contents with different Continents and countries with diverse ideas, cultural backgrounds and resources. I am therefore taking this journey in long term but not short term expectations. Once that we have inbuilt activities fused in Hive, there are also other incoming projects and opportunities in the years ahead. Let's all expect massive transition.

Thanks for your attention!