Van Kush Family Guide to the Game, Part 1

If you go to any County Jail or City Jail it is not hard to find someone in a jail for Human Trafficking. So this guide is not like a…

How to Make the Most Money Trading BLURT

BLURT is now hitting prices on CoinMarketCap that it never has been at before. So I want to give everyone done information about things…

How to Buy BLURT and STEEM + Behind the Scenes of Trading for Newbies and Blockchain Developers: Market Caps, Value, Markets, Moon Ramps, Dollar Pegged Coins and Token Economies

This Guide will include instructions for Buying both BLURT and STEEM, this will provide new users joining the Van Kush Beauty Economy…

Van Kush Beauty Economy Update: Tutorials, Soap, the Diaspora Brujeria and Token Groups

My Wife is back to taking pictures, she got a bunch of new Dresses and Heels and everything recently so she wanted to use them to kind of…

Picture Time

(Originally posted by my Husband on BLURT) My Wife and I are starting a Beauty Economy, and she just bought a bunch of new Dresses…

Van Kush Beauty Token (VKBT) Launched Today

Today is the Launch

Passive Income Stuffed Crust, Hold the Onions.

It's no secret anymore, I'm a $PIZZA fanboy. Consider this my latest attempt to get YOU to look a little closer at the $PIZZA token.…

Longer Intro Post, Hive-Now.com and Calling Out The OCD Community


Soap Making with Hydrolates v. Hydrolyzed Materials

To Hydrolyze is like Tea, or a Solution with Water as the Solvent. hy·dro·lyze /ˈhīdrəˌlīz/ verbCHEMISTRY past tense: hydrolyzed;…

Preparing for HIVE Beauty Photos & Token ICO Starts Today

Today we will be launching the Token (at the latest AM tomorrow, CST), read through these threads on Bitcointalk to understand what is…

HIVE-Engine Currencies

This is a cross post of @kalivankush/hive-engine-currencies by @kalivankush.HIVE-Engine Currencies

STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

We all saw what happened to Leofinance. Over the last few months, this community saw nice growth in terms of the numbers as well as the…

LeoFinance and other Layer 2 tokens are more than just Hive

Today one of my friend's @jongolson made a post discussing his 2nd layer token collection that he had amass over the year. Post Link…

Leofinance and Hive : A Guide for Beginners

QuickStart Guide Hive & Leofinance featuring 20 Second Sign-up via Twitter, Hivesigner and a Metamask Signup guide for Ethereum Investors…

What The Heck Is Proof Of Brain? [Presentation]

Everyone on Hive & LeoFinance is going bonkers about the new Proof of Brain Tribe (POB) including me. Why? Price of the Token and…

Looking into a new Hive-Engine tribe - Proof of Brain

Lately I have been receiving some POB tokens from curating po

What one thing does Hive need to thrive?

Hard Fork 25 is fast approaching and will be making significant changes to how curation rewards work, add the ability to convert Hive for…

How to set and cancel a recurring payment

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, SPIer's. Today we are going to look at 1 of the new toys we got in last week hardfork, it's a good…
12 mo

LBI Token Goes Live In 5 Days

December 7th, 2020 is quickly coming upon us. On that date, the LBI (Leo Backed Investment) token will go on sale. It will be available…

HIVE account madness

In just 23 days, we added another 100k new HIVE accounts!!! WTF is going on? We hit 1.5 Million just recently: