How to Make the Most Money Trading BLURT

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BLURT is now hitting prices on CoinMarketCap that it never has been at before. So I want to give everyone done information about things that are clearly being missed, how to operate in this market, how to make Trading BLURT like a Job, and how to be a factor in the Environment that constantly brings value, as well as possibly creating Tools that will do the same thing, because everything I'm about to say could be done by Bots, but currently it's not being done at all.



So what we are looking at is $0.04 BLURT, this is the highest heights it has reach as of yet, but is far from it's full potential. Part of the issue with BLURT is Trade Volume, Liquidity. When STEEM first launched there was actually a page on the Steemit website where you could Trade STEEM for SBD, so in this way STEEM is "Backed by a Dollar Pegged Token", and there was a Liquidity reward, like 100 STEEM every hour for the highest trader, keeping the market most Liquid. BLURT has no BLURT backed Dollars BBD, like STEEM has SBD and HIVE has HBD. So we have to bring in other Tokens and Currencies to meet that Role. We can earn SBD and HBD and use those to Buy BLURT, we have to use Platforms like HIVE-Engine Tokens and use earnings to Buy BLURT, there is even a BLURT Pegged Token and BLURT Yield Token on HIVE, so those are like SBD. You can today make a BSC Token, ERC20, TRC20, Harmony, etc, etc, Token, and start teaching about it on BLURT and make that a BLURT Institution.

What also needs to be Observed is the difference between ProBit and STEX, this could be Automated but currently it seems no one is doing this day today. No one wakes up in the Morning with $10,000+ in Cryptocurrency on a BLURT exchange, or all of them, in Bitcoin or Ethereum or TRON, etc, and watches the Market. Right now someone could take BLURT from STEX and buy it there for $0.006, less than a Penny. Then transfer that to ProBit.

This provides 2 services, and 1 fear,
So over the past week or so people seem to have been buying BLURT, I believe it is Koreans, and they are spending $0.02, now $0.04, and if you go Buy Coins at $0.006 and drop that to 1 Penny. Everyone lights their hair on Fire, but smart people say "Thank God I was hoping there was another chance to get it under $0.04", and you are actually helping those who are paying $0.04 because they could save money if they shopped around, so now you are doing the leg work and selling it at $0.01 or $0.02, so you make a profit from $0.006, but you didn't rip anyone off, you balanced the Trade Spread. So your services you are providing is in the leg service, abd lowering the price for those smart enough to Buy in on your Price dropping.

So this the creates a more Liquid Market,
What would be great is if BLURT had a Proof of Liquidity (POL) Token, or if Hummingbot or Autonio could be utilized or mimicked, and Guides were written to get BLURTers Automated.

When trading BLURT, the same technique to trade between Platforms, can be done between Currencies, as in, there are sometimes Coin for Coin or Token for Token Swapping, this is where big Trade money is made on Token Swap Platforms in the DeFi Environment. With a Token to Token Swap Platform, you might see that the Price is higher on one Platform and Lower on another, but this can also then be seen between Currencies. This is most apparent with BitShares User Issued Assets, and the term is "Trading Pairs". If BTC is Traded for USD, and LTC is Traded for USD, there may be moments where you can trade BTC for LTC and make more money, especially if there are multiple platforms involved. Then this also gets into airDropping and Swapping into rising Tokens.

This all should be Integrated into Steemit and BLURT, and the best example of this happening now is if you Download TRON Link and log into Steemit. Now your TRX Steemit earnings are Freezable in your TRON Link Wallet, you can also log in to and NutBox needs to be Cloned, there should be 100 TRC Tokens like that all over Steemit, as well as BSC versions, ERC20, etc, etc. That is a perfect example of what should be being done all over. And NutBox became a 6,000,000 STEEM Delegation account in 4 months, he probably makes plenty of money every day from the earnings, while everyone earns PNUTs and Steemit Votes, it is the perfect example of how DeFi can explode on Social Media. And there should be a Discord Version, and Telegram, and Facebook, etc. Facebook should not make DIEM some Novel Bitcoin Clone or DOGE, or really even as simple as ETH in implementation, it should come with a whole suite of Bots like Wolfram planned with Bazillion Beings, bots like that have to have their own Blockchains anyways because of Captcha.

BLURT to $0.50 to $1.00 by Willpower
This post you are reading was written over several days. If you look at this Screenshot you can see that since it was $0.04, it went down, and back up. What is happening at this time is it seems that every day there are between a few hundred and $2000, and so if you look at the STEX market it has gone up. The Trading Technique of doing the Legwork was shared on Bitcointalk by me first whole drafting this, and it seems someone bought it up to $0.007, from $0.006, and maybe dumped it on ProBit, this is called "Stabilizing the Price", and it's not complete. We will also see as the Membership increase causes an Influx, and more Coins are bought from those who Cashouts regularly, and a Balance grows where those Coins dumped on the Market, are bought up by those doing Legwork and investing in their own Blog Wallet, and that Balance is the Price being found. You can compare it to Air Traffic Control, and Highway Traffic, the Air is heavily controlled with lots of space for manuevering, that's where we are now, and it seems like Coin creators are the Government of the Coin. But as these DeFi Projects grow, particularly those with Faces, like Social Media, Video Game Currencies as Crypto, etc, etc into Real Real Estate, and NFTs, etc. It becomes like Street Traffic, and it's like Parlaiments and the Queens Government, with her showing up a Parades and Street Lights directing Traffic.

If we then decide to start movements where we do not Sell Coins less than $1.00 or $0.50 and teach everyone to do as they join, we could very quickly bring the price there. The issue is that we get BLURT right now in an amount that seems useless to many, and the price is low, so while people who are smart can see the chance to Buy Low, Bear thinking, they also see it as Junk. You may be reading this and think "I don't", but if you are selling BLURT at $0.01 you are showing you think it is worth $0.01 and contributing to the Price not being above $0.01, you have to consciously choose for it to be $0.50, and someone who buys it for $0.50 will be mad if it falls to $0.01, so we can see that there is a matter of caring what it is sold for. If you get activated, like a BLURT Activist, out to teach the World about BLURT like a Johnny Appleseed in your Town, because you see it at less than $0.50, you are showing you believe it is worth $0.50.

BLURT to STEEM and Tokens
As BLURT begins to build as a Community, and gains value, you can switch into STEEM, so with my account you can see I have 90,000 BLURT.


I am inviting people, teaching people, and educating everyone how to raise the price. When it goes up, I could Sell 1/3 for $0.50 each and Buy STEEM, so suddenly I have 30,000 STEEM, and the ability to hand out some good SBD rewards, SBD being $6.00 each. So we can turn around and use that money to Buy BLURT.

Ghost Town v. Plethora of Programs, Whales/Dolphins
We can see that because of the Steemit HIVE Split both have collapsed in user numbers, friendliness, and generally have lost the TikTokness, how TikTok is like the new thing overtaking Instagram, and Instagram did that to Vine, and Facebook did it to Myspace, etc, etc, the Split took that TikTokness from Steemit, but all that has to happen for it to become something is to have more STEEM holders, more Tokens surrounding it, LinkedIn really never got any TikTokness, neither do many Websites, the general goal on the internet is Niche, and Steemit/TRX is Investment and Gaming, with a bunch of Korean Culture and Food, etc. So that is a Niche and there is more to it, but we can see that the Groups are new and starting to Grow, like Subreddits, and once they become as vast as Facebook, or approach that, and see Autonomy in that way, it will be a whole new platform, especially when those groups are using TRC20 and BSC.
This shows how it takes like a Day and a Half to get 1 PNUT with like 15-30 staked. I think it was around 20 Hours with 30 SP Delegated in STEEM from my Steemit account. If you extrapolate that you can do like 30 x 30 to get 30 Peanuts per Day, etc. It is not an exact science as you get more when there are less investors, and less when there are more investors.


NutBox is also Joining BLURT soon.

How to Clone NutBox

If you want to learn more about DeFi you can read this thread probably for Hours and Hours, it gets into all the ins and outs of DeFi, and different ways it can be applied by existing companies. This post itself is about Real Estate, and you can see Blog Coins as kind of the first Real Estate, with a limited amount at any given time and new ones based on ownership of existing coins, it is just like a DeFi DAO, but because BitShares and Steemit already existed, people tend to not notice they are DeFi.