What do the charts say about BTC? Also how relevant is Elon Musk

After giving hopes yet again of a shot at $75,000, Bitcoin saw a correction and is now trading around $50k level. I know, it is…

Worrisome signs for Indian economy: Perspective from key rating agencies

I wrote a post a couple of days ago highlighting the concerns I see about the Indian economy and the stock market. I do not think it is…

Are Indian equity markets worth investing in at the moment?

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and he asked me if he should start a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan - regularly…

Another wave of COVID, more negative impact on business

Last year I quit my job to start an agribusiness. A month later, India's Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown to tackle the…

StormGain - Easy bitcoin mining for everyone

Yesterday I was looking at the price of various cryptocurrencies after the drop when I got an ad on my brave browser. It was about…

How long can we afford to HODL Bitcoin? Can we and should we?

All of us are early adopters in the crypto space. Most people get the idea behind bitcoin and why it should succeed. Some possibly may…

Crypto Portfolio Update, plus NEXO trial

Hello to all the lovely people on Hive. Hope you are enjoying the crypto bull run. Hive is now trading at ~50 cents, and the recent highs…

At what point does BTC shuts up all its critics?

From a BTC skeptic to a BTC believer and then to a perma-HODLer, I have come a long way. I follow most people on Crypto Twitter and…

Another corporate treasury buys BTC. Does that bode well for BTC adoption?

There have been many, what should have been, price moving events in the crypto sphere last week. Whether it be the ban on crypto…

The impact of new farm bills in India on my agri business

Source The agriculture sector is extremely important for the Indian economy. While

What is DeFi and more importantly why all the hype?

The hottest topic in the crypto world right now is DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance. Even someone such as I who has been living under…

New investing opportunity.. IPOs

In my last 2 big posts about investing, I do not think I have given some great recommendations. At one point when the market was…

My crypto journey and how will adoption increase?

I am involved with many different crypto projects, dapps and I thought I will think about my crypto journey, what impact has it had on me…

Confusion about markets led me to find some great tools and resources

Have written about financial markets in the last 2 posts and shared my confusion about market behavior in both. In my earlier job, back…

Financial markets are confusing the hell out of me. Here's why

A few days ago I wrote about how Nifty Index, the Indian equity large cap benchmark, was irritating the hell out of me. That was because…

Strange times to invest in

I live in India and our government has taken a starkly different response to advanced economies of the West. While most people who lost…

The US Presidential election in November might be the most interesting in my lifetime

Image source We are all living in the time of a pandemic and most countries outside of East Asia seem to be getting tired of lockdowns.

Concerns about HIVE pump without sounding like a party pooper

I think the increase in price of HIVE has been phenomenal. Have see many tweets so far about how people had forgotten what a pump looks…

Pandemic, Oil Supply Glut, $ madness, Excessive leverage, Money printer going BRRRR.. Have we seen it all?

We are surely living in interesting times! Never in my life could I have imagined being forced by government to stay at home and then…

Should I consider myself lucky or unlucky? Thoughts of a small business owner

Image source As I mentioned in a post ages ago, I am now running a new business. Well, I am running as much of it as the lock-dow