Crypto Portfolio Update, plus NEXO trial

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Hello to all the lovely people on Hive. Hope you are enjoying the crypto bull run. Hive is now trading at ~50 cents, and the recent highs of ~70 cents did excite me quite a lot. Anyway, I have made some changes to my crypto portfolio and wanted to share the update.

Firstly, I sold out all my HUNT tokens. HUNT token has done exceptionally well during this on-going bull run. It went all the way up to ~50 cents plus. The main negative for me for selling HUNT was that it majorly trades on UPBIT and I did not want to invest only on UNISWAP to trade this. With high ETH gas fees, I wanted to exit this token as and when I could. I, unfortunately, did miss out on trading at its high. However, I am hoping that I do make up the loss by the increase in the prices of tokens I swapped HUNT into. The other reason for selling all HUNT is that fundamentally, I do not see a lot of value in what steemhunt and reviewhunt have become. For me a $50 million valuation for sh and rh is where I want to be out.

I too have been FOMOing about DeFi. I am usually not an agressive risk taker. Most of my exposure is in top 10. Bulk of my holdings are in BTC and the next big exposure is ETH. The exposure to ETH has also been primarily been gained after I swapped majority of HUNT into ETH. While ETH seems to have slowed down in the last month or 2, I do think that it will rise rapidly if the crypto bull run persists.

The other coins that I swapped into are UNI and LINK. Coinbase is preparing for its IPO and rumours are that it may get listed at $100bn valuation. That implies higher valuations for both Binance and Uniswap than what they are currently trading at. Chainlink is a gamble but my exposure to that is limited to about 1 ETH worth.

Here is a snapshot of my portfolio -

As you can see, majority is BTC, then ETH, yes there still is steem, hive, cnd, uni, link, BAT and a few others (insignificant amounts).

The other product I am giving a try is NEXO. It offers about 12% interest rate on fiat deposits and my ETH deposit is earning me 5% interest rate. I am extremely vary of depositing crypto in a third party wallet (not my keys, not my crypto) so I have started by a very small amount. Will see if I want to increase my holdings after a month.

The one important crypto missing from the above portfolio is LEO. I surely regret not buying more of that earlier but looking at most other hive-engine tokens, i did not have the balls to buy more of it early on. However, it is the only H-E token I have left in my portfolio and fully staked, never sold a penny's worth. The updates coming from the leo team are phenomenal and I think It will probably move up much higher in my portfolio and become a decently sized proportion. Lastly, I have also sold out all my AFIT tokens and converted in to HIVE. I see little to no value in those tokens and hence decided to sell out.

I do want to know about assets that I can swap my ETH into. Looking for recommendations in the comments.