StormGain - Easy bitcoin mining for everyone

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Yesterday I was looking at the price of various cryptocurrencies after the drop when I got an ad on my brave browser. It was about StormGain and said that I could mine crypto from my laptop. It seemed interesting so I thought of giving it a try.


Now the advantages of this system are that you do not need expensive mining software. You can become part of a cloud mining pool and mine from your laptop. You can only run the mining process for 4 hours at a time and then you have to restart the entire process. The website also provided access to leveraged futures, a full-fledged exchange, and an online wallet. Up to you if you want to use that, I do not.

There are bonuses for the first 100 hours. The good thing is that once you have started the mining process, you can close the window, shut down your pc and do whatever you were doing. Come back after a few hours and then restart the process.

The bad thing is that the rewards are tiny. After about 12 hours I managed about 1.34$ worth of satoshis. And if I extrapolate that for 24 hours, it will come to about 2.5$ approx. That is not much if I consider mining for a month and exclude bonuses.

However, I did think of sharing this with everyone on Hive, in case people have not seen this website till now. It is free bitcoin and if one has a long-term view, then the satoshis can be worth a lot more over time than they are now. Additionally, the process runs in the background and does not use a lot of your CPU. It is free money and I guess stacking as many satoshis as one can is a good idea.

The process is simple. Only email sign-up and verification are needed. I am still running the process to see what happens after I have collected all the rewards. If you think this is a great idea then follow the link. Spread the word. Additionally, if you know of better software that can be run on a simple laptop, do let me know. If you do not want to use the website, then you can also download the app to mine bitcoin. I have not yet downloaded the app but I think it will be more convinient. I also want to see if plugging in multiple devices helps increases rewards. I doubt that but if you do find out, drop a comment below and let me know.