Should we thank Elon? BTC almost touched $40k

Bitcoin went up sharply yesterday to break out of the Bearish Flag pattern. Following a tweet from Elon, in which he stated that Tesla…

Bitcoin update, impending death cross and taproot

On June 08, I thought Bitcoin was going to break lower from the bearish flag pattern. However, the close was not below the flag boundary.…

For the cryptocurrency ecosystem in India - Tread with caution!

Source I would like to highlight your attention to my earlier post about the change in India's central bank's stance on cryptocu

Is a US Bitcoin ETF relevant anymore?

Source Things have evolved rapidly in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Many institutional investors have acquired Bitcoin since 2017. The list…

What the hell is MicroStrategy up to?

MicroStrategy is offering $500 million of bonds to investors to acquire more Bitcoin. Source [Source](https:

Bitcoin, Ethereum and El Salvador

Things do not look good at all. Bitcoin continues to trade closer to the $30k trendline, and if you want to believe, despite the bullish…

Bitcoin will never break my heart

I can't believe I read this report yesterday - Bitcoin tumbles following Elon Musk’s cryptic tweets I will save you the trouble of…

Bitcoin: situation does not look good

I was hoping that Bitcoin will close above 40k or break 200 DMA this week. However, it hasn't, and not just that, it is looking weaker as…

Carl Icahn and Bitcoin

In my post from a couple of days ago, I mentioned that bitcoin will trade above $40k soon. An hour later it broke the $40k level, and…

When losses incur, even the richest change their tune.

I will keep the talk about Elon Musk short. After tweeting about how bad bitcoin is when it comes to energy consumption, Elon Musk was…

Huobi decides to scale back in China. Is all the FUD finally over? Time to see the charts

The news of Huobi scaling down in China after the Chinese govt. decided to crack down on crypto dealings is real. However, the panic it…