1% TDS is hurting the crypto industry in India. Crypto Law to be enacted post global consensus.

Source India's decision to bring some legitimacy to cryptocurrency transaction

Bitcoin rejected at 200 DMA as expected

In my post from last week, I had mentioned that Bitcoin had enough fuel to get to 200 DMA but breaking that level will be…

Bitcoin finally breaks 50 DMA

After days of struggle, Bitcoin finally broke above 50 DMA a week ago and retested the level day before yesterday to find support and a…

India's crypto tax is becoming a major headwind for the industry

Source In its budget session this year, India's Finance Minister proposed a 30

Bitcoin: Another rejection at 50 DMA

Bitcoin made another attempt to rise above 50 DMA and rose to ~$40k yesterday. However, the cryptocurrency was rejected at those levels.…

Bitcoin: Volatility drops ahead of Fed meeting tomorrow

After rising to $42.5k, Bitcoin could not hold its momentum and dropped back below 50 DMA. In my post from last week, I had mentioned…

Bitcoin rises above $42k as US President signs executive order on Crypto

Yesterday morning India Time, I was writing a post on Leofinance and Bitcoin was already near $41k. Yesterday's action was quite bullish.…

The positives and negatives for Indian consumers from the Russia-Ukraine war

In a post 2 weeks ago, I had stated that Nomura has stated that India will be one of the worst-hit economies in Asia. I think things…

Bitcoin: Bearish Technically but very Bullish Fundamentally

Bitcoin continued to trade as a risk asset in the past week and dropped from ~45.5k to $37k, following other risk assets such as global…

Will the Russia-Ukraine crisis lure central banks towards Bitcoin and crypto?

Source Russia has been hit with sanctions post its attack on Ukraine. Sanctions

As Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, some charts to make you think

In the latest from Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia just shelled a Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (one of the largest) and there are…

Russia-Ukraine conflict will not only stoke inflation but also stall growth

If COVID-19 wasn't enough to put global supply chains in disarray, we have another conflict to make matters worse. I have long believed…

Another rally to take Bitcoin above 50 DMA. Can March set the tone for new ATH?

Bitcoin rallied sharply last night to hit a level above 44k. That was quite a jump, given that other risk assets weren't necessarily…

How well can Russia's economy withstand sanctions and the economic fallout of their move

Things are escalating little by little as each day passes in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The West has hit Russia with economic sanctions…

India to be worst hit in Asia from Russia-Ukraine conflict, says Nomura

The Indian Rupee weakened 1.6% yesterday as Russia announced war on Ukraine. Brent Crude rose to $105.7 per barrel following the news and…

Can the sanctions imposed on Russia bring in more money to cryptocurrencies?

Well, things have escalated quickly in Ukraine and Russia has initiated military operations against Ukraine. What is it doing to the…

With no signs of Russia backing down, we might be looking at increased volatility for a long time

There was anyway not much buying power to lift Bitcoin significantly above 50 DMA. However, Vladimir Putin and his antics have been enough…

Bitcoin is back above 50 DMA. What next?

In my post from a week ago, Bitcoin was attempting to break 50 DMA and I had said that there isn't enough firepower in Bitcoin to rise…

India could be looking at problematic inflation in the coming months if things continue as is

Brent Crude has now surpassed $95 per barrel and looks all set to cross the $100 mark very soon. Crude oil is India's biggest import.…

India's Finance Minister says taxing crypto is the government's sovereign right. Legality doesn't matter

Source One really has to be the most obnoxious arrogant human being to say what India's Finance Minister has said about cryptocurren